The rabbit is pregnant, and the owner will accidentally let the bunny be eaten by numbness

The rabbit mother has a new life in her body. In order to be born smoothly and grow up healthy, the owner must pay attention to the nutritional problems of the rabbit mother during pregnancy and the safety of the rabbit after birth.

Many owners are worried that at this time, it will make it malnourished according to the usual recipes. So does the rabbit mother need to change the diet structure when she is pregnant?

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During the pregnancy, in addition to providing her nutritional needs, the rabbit mother also needs to meet the energy required for the growth of the baby in the abdomen. The demand for calcium and protein will increase.At that time, the delicious grass can be returned to the recipe. The calcium content in the grass is 2-3 times higher than that of Timomis, and the protein content is also about 1 times higher. It is preferred during pregnancy.

Of course, you cannot completely replace Timothy grass with cymbal grass. You can quantitatively mixed in Timothy grass daily. Due to high calcium, you need to observe the urine of rabbits.Health, but if you have long -term calcium urine, you need to reduce the amount of grass appropriately.

The picture comes from the pet app user: nikoma (1295026)

When breeding the rabbit, due to the nature of the animal to protect the cubs, some changes in the character of the rabbit’s mother will change.Breeding in China must separate them during pregnancy, otherwise it is likely to cause severe bleeding incidents.

Because the muscles of the rabbit are developed but the leather bone is thin, it is easy to cause the panic of the rabbit in the incorrect posture. Under the struggle, it is very easy to cause the fracture of the spine and the long bone.In the case of great emotional instability, accidents are prone to accidents. Therefore, for the health of rabbit mothers and babies, try to avoid holding, transfer it, and various moods that may cause it.Pay attention.

The birth of new life is always full of novelty and surprise. After about 30-32 days of pregnancy, the mother rabbit will soon give birth to 4-10 baby rabbit BB.

The picture comes from the pet app user: nikoma (1295026)

The newly born rabbit BB is not the same as the little rabbits we usually see. There are only some small fluff all over the body, which is not as fluffy at all, more like a small meat ball. This is normal.I am too worried that after confirming that the mother rabbit is produced, do not touch the rabbit BB with your hands, otherwise the baby who is contaminated with human smell is likely to be refused to be fed by the female rabbit, and may even be cruelly eaten by the rabbit mother.

After observing the mother rabbit normally start feeding, you don’t need to control them anymore. You only need to replace most of the pads outside the delivery room every day to check whether the pads in the delivery room are too humid and dirty, and provide sufficient to the rabbit mother to provide sufficient mother to the mother of the rabbit mother.Timothy and grass, at the same time, can give some dried vegetables such as vegetables and fruits to help intestinal peristalsis to promote postpartum recovery.

If an accident happened very unfortunately, and the little rabbit could not get nutrition from breast milk, you need to buy pet formula milk powder in time to artificially feed. There are a variety of artificially fed small bottle on the market to choose from.After removing the needle, the bottle was replaced, but it may not be so easy to accept for the little rabbit.

After 4-6 weeks of lactation, the little rabbit can formally wean into a white fat and furry young rabbit.


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