The quality of sleep during pregnancy is worrying, and daily sleepy, what should I do?

We all know that pregnant women must maintain sufficient sleep and regular rest during pregnancy to ensure the healthy development of the fetus.Because sleep is actually the best rest.However, many pregnant mothers also report that pregnancy is really a very tossing thing. It is often sleepy during the day, but she can’t sleep at night.Sometimes I barely fell asleep, but I was sleeping lightly, and my husband woke up with a snoring; or the nightmare practice throughout the night, sweating when he woke up.

Moreover, most of the pregnant mothers have a job. In order not to waste maternity leave, it can only start vacation only one month before the delivery.Going to work every day is really weak, tired and irritable.

what to do?

In fact, there are many reasons for pregnant women’s sleep, mainly including physical, psychological and realistic environmental factors.Pregnant women who often occur during pregnancy are often worried and nervous about what they are going to happen in pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum.For example, some mothers are pregnant unexpectedly, and they always worry that she reserves folic acid without three months before pregnancy, which will affect the development of the fetal brain;Wait, these daily triviality are actually the root cause of anxiety that cause pregnant women.

And we often say, "There are thoughts on the day and dreaming at night." When you have a heavy heart during the day, and you must be relatively unsatisfactory when you go to bed at night.In the dream, you will dream of some unpleasant unhappiness, and there will even be some bad dreams that are frightened.In addition, pregnant women have a big belly, and they often sleep uncomfortably how to sleep.If there is a snoring husband who sleeps like a thunderous, he doesn’t have to sleep before his husband snores.

If you also have such troubles, then you must first give yourself a psychological suggestion that as a special group of pregnant women, sleep trouble during pregnancy may encounter.In fact, the key to the problem is how to solve it. It is useless to be afraid and worry.

In addition, there are several suggestions: Xiaobian:

1. Pregnant women learn some popular science knowledge about pregnancy during pregnancy.Often people are afraid, all because of fear of strange.The same is true for pregnant mothers. They have never had children. Without this experience, they will be a little scared when they encounter a little discomfort.If you know more, the degree of fear to a certain extent will be reduced a lot.

2. Try to stay away from those foods and drinks that will excite nerves, such as caffeine -containing foods, including milk tea, chocolate, coffee, tea, etc., avoiding insomnia from excessive excitement.Some pregnant mothers are less sensitive to such foods before pregnancy, but after pregnancy, they may become sensitive due to hormone adjustment, and pregnant mothers should pay attention.

3. Try to make yourself happy.If the pregnant mother is happy, the baby can also feel it, develop better and healthier.The pregnant mother will fall asleep better.The suggestion of Xiaobian is that the pregnant mother does something that can make you happy. For example, if you like to play games, you can play the game appropriately.Pet yourself a little bit.

4. Build a harmonious and warm bedroom atmosphere with her husband to create an environment that is more conducive to sleep.First of all, do not sleep on the light, so as not to affect the secretion of melatonin and cause physical hormone disturbances. Second, the pregnant mother is best to get close to her husband before falling asleep.It’s more relaxed, it’s better to fall asleep.

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