The prospective mother’s belly is "long hairy", and the husband is worried about having a male treasure.

About 97%of women in my country have a mild or severe anxiety during pregnancy.

Women cared about the change of "belly" after pregnancy, but did not expect that the psychological preparation of long stretch marks did not escape the "long hair" on the belly.

In most people’s cognition, thick sweat is the representative of the male image. If a woman grows up after pregnancy, it will inevitably suspect that it is related to the fetus in the abdomen. It is speculated that the pregnant woman will "grow hair" because of her pregnant boy.

A expectant mother sent me a private message before. During pregnancy, her husband guessed the gender of the fetus. The subsequent performance made her cry and laugh.

The expectant mother has been pregnant for more than 5 months. When I take a bath, I find that the hair on her belly is getting heavier and heavier. The bulging pregnant belly and some thick hair are particularly similar to her husband’s beer belly.

The husband and wife were happy to compare in front of the mirror at first, but after the husband observed it, he suddenly asked to the pregnant belly: "This little guy will not be a boy, my princess dream is going to be broken." Then he began to depressed.Worried that expectant mothers will have a boy.

After the expectant mother persuaded her husband to find several times, he found that he was still unhappy. He wanted to let the sugar mother explain the "long hair" of the pregnant belly in detail. After a brief communication, the prospective father was suddenly cheerful.If the prospective mother and prospective father in front of the screen have the same troubles, follow me to understand the truth.

There are many women with this trouble. There is no precise probability about whether the pregnant belly is "long -haired", but you don’t have to be too anxious. Not all expectant mothers will do this, and not all "hairy" are dense.

After pregnancy, hormone changes in the body, increased progesterone, estrogen androgen lose balance, and under multiple influences, sweat will become heavier. It is a normal phenomenon during pregnancy.

Not only will the hair on the belly become heavier, but the hair around the lips and arms is also prone to change, and it seems that it will have some impact on the image.

In fact, these locations have fine sweat on the skin, but they are not usually obvious.If the expectant mother’s skin tone is darker, and the hairy hair during pregnancy is not large, it is difficult to find it. Instead, those women with white skin before pregnancy can observe a strong contrast.

The weight of the hair is indeed a certain connection with the male hormone, but it is not directly related to the gender of the fetus.There are too many examples around them that the expectant mothers who have a hairy belly may finally have a girl, and the expectant mothers who have not changed the pregnant belly have given birth to a boy.

There are many rumors like this. Sugar mom explained in the previous article, but found that many people are still convinced of rumors.Among them, the most discussion is the problem of sour girls, spikes and round belly.

Some people come here that they are very accurate to see the belly shape, and the belly must be pregnant with a boy. In fact, the pregnant woman’s belly shape and pregnancy age, fetal position, and the pelvic conditions of the pregnant woman themselves are all related to the pelvic conditions;It is the dietary habit of hometown.

In addition, many sayings such as the shape of the navel, the upper and lower arms are not very accurate.The pregnant mother is pregnant with a boy or a girl. When the eggs and the tadpoles are combined, they have been set, and they cannot interfere and change the day after tomorrow.

Not to mention that people use the naked eye to observe the pregnant belly to judge the gender of the fetus, even when the observation of the production instrument is not allowed.Therefore, since the baby is pregnant, he is waiting for him to be born with peace of mind, don’t make your mood worse because of guessing gender.

The expectant mothers cannot completely avoid hairy on the pregnant belly, but what kind of mentality can face, what can be done and what to do.

1) Pregnancy and rest and diet should be regularly balanced to make endocrine more balanced

After pregnancy, the body hormone will inevitably change, but expectant mothers can try to maintain their physical condition by adjusting the schedule.

After pregnancy, women should not sleep each night less than 8 hours. They should take a rest 1 to 2 times during the day. Each time is 20 minutes to 1 hour, it is enough to not sleep without sleep.Sleeping too much during the day will cause it to sleep at night. The upside -down day and night makes the body’s endocrine more chaotic, and the hair is indirectly increased.

2) Eat less snacks and fried garbage foods

Diet is closely related to our body. Eat less hormone -containing foods during pregnancy, including snacks such as potato chips, candy, and try not to eat fried foods.

Keep a balanced diet and eat more fruits with high vitamin content, such as strawberries, grapefruit, bananas, and the taste of daily dishes is lighter, so that eating can make the hair more than dense to a certain extent.

3) Don’t deal with the hair by yourself

Some expectant mothers have become heavier in the early stages of pregnancy. It may also be about 3 months of pregnancy or so, or it is only long until the third trimester. There are also people who are not long -stretching and long -haired mothers during the whole pregnancy.

Mother -in -law noticed that whether it is pregnancy or postpartum, there is no need to rush to remove hair or shave hair.This kind of hair that grows during pregnancy will slowly return to the state of pregnancy within a few months to one year after giving birth. Instead of proper treatment, the hair will be delayed and may hurt the skin.

4) Don’t have psychological burden

In fact, others can’t see the real situation of our pregnant belly. As long as the expectant mother pays attention to avoiding the gauze or too thin fabrics when wearing clothes, no one knows our secrets by accidentally drilling out.

At the same time, the closest person around the expectant mother should not make a joke with this matter. If the expectant mother is so depressed, it is not a small question, try to comfort and guide her.

Candy mother has something to say:

There are many kinds of beauty in the world. No matter what the image change during pregnancy, women are the most beautiful.The hard work and greatness to bred life needs to be valued, rather than commented on the appearance of pregnant women, let alone abandon and laughter.

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