The prospective mother suddenly itchy in the early stages of pregnancy, but did not put it on her heart that the child was gone.

I think many mothers have such symptoms. In the early stages of pregnancy or other parts, it will be itchy. At first, it was only local itching, and then spread to the whole body.

The daughter -in -law of the neighbor’s house is like this. It didn’t take long to get pregnant as soon as she got married. The family members of the family were happy, and her mother -in -law was very attentive. However, when I was 6 months pregnant, my body suddenly itchy, first of all, my hands and feet, my hands and feet.Later, it was the waist, and then the thighs and abdomen began to have such symptoms. After the expectant mother told her mother -in -law, her mother -in -law did not take it seriously, thinking that this was some complications during pregnancy.It should be okay these days


The symptoms lasted for about half a month. One day, her husband went to work, her mother -in -law went to buy food, and only the mother -in -law left at home. Suddenly she felt unwell in the abdomen. After going to the toilet, she felt a lot of blood.When I came back, I found that the daughter -in -law collapsed on the ground, and it was really frightened. Hurry to hit 120 and take it to the hospital.

The doctor immediately launched an examination. After coming out of the operating room, he helplessly said that the child in the stomach of the prospective mother could not hold it anymore because it was caused by the abnormal itching before.My mother -in -law knelt on the ground and regretted it, and blamed that she had not brought her daughter -in -law to check it. She thought this itch was normal!Husband also regretted it, but asked by concern: What about my daughter -in -law, have my daughter -in -law?

In terms of medical definition, it is very common for pregnant women to appear abnormal itching during pregnancy. It is called gallbladder stasis in pregnant women. If you go to the hospital in time, it will be fine!The general symptoms of biliary stasis are: local or systemic itching. If pregnant women are grasped with hands for a long time, they will also purulent infections.Different pregnant women will have different itching levels because of their physical fitness. If this symptoms occur, you must go to the hospital for examination!

What needs to be clear is why pregnant women have cholecoscope?

During pregnancy, pregnant women have produced a large amount of estrogen, and the excretion function of the liver weakens, causing the stasis of bile in the body. After bile stasis, it will cause itching of the skin. It is terrible that this disease will affect the health of the fetus, and seriously.If it is, it will greatly increase the chance of death in the abdomen.

Therefore, when you find that he has such symptoms, you must go to the hospital as soon as possible, otherwise it will bring serious consequences!

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