The price of these fruits drops greatly!

"The day of May, the summer that was just born."

We are in summer

Unconsciously, a "fruit feast" also ushered in

Blueberry, cherry, lychee …

Large listing

Even more pleasant is

These fruits have reduced the price

"Fruit Queen" blueberry price plummeted

The "Fruit Queen" blueberry, which has always made consumers who has always made consumers. The recent price has taken the "friendly people" line. Some netizens have pictures, and they often eat two large bowls.

Wan Peng, the owner of the Hangzhou Fruit Wholesale Market, said that now he sells the wholesale price of blueberry at 30 yuan/500 grams.

This price is already quite affordable. In early April this year, the Yunnan Fresh Fruit Blueberry was just listed on the market for more than 70 yuan, which was equivalent to a drop of more than 40 yuan.

"After the May Day holiday, because the blueberries were listed in large quantities, the price was reduced a lot, and there were more people who bought them." Fruit merchant Mr. Ma said that the price of ordinary varieties sold in recent days is almost 40 ~ 80 yuan/1000 grams.The quality of more than 90 yuan/1000 grams.

Cherry decreased by about 30 yuan from March

The fruits, known as the "nobles", can not help but mention cherry. The cherry grown in various places has been listed one after another recently, and the price has also dropped a lot.

According to CCTV’s report on May 19, at more than four in the morning, the Beijing Xinfa Land Farmers Market was already very busy.In the cherry sales area, there are endless streams of buyers who come to buy, and cherry sellers are so busy.

The merchant Li Xiaojiao had just entered a batch of cherries at 10 o’clock the night before, about 1.5 tons, and it was about to be sold when it was dawn.

Many merchants told reporters that the current sales of Shinfang Earth’s market are mainly open -air cherries and cold sheds to grow cherries, and the sales volume has been optimistic since its listing.

The reporter learned that compared with the listing in March, the price of cherry at this time has fallen a lot. Take the more popular Mori cherry, which is popular in the market as an example. At present, the latest price per 500 grams is reduced by about 30 yuan compared with March.In June and July, after the large number of cherries in the open -air in Dalian and other places were listed, the sales price of cherries would decline.

It is understood that the domestic cherry production model is mainly warm sheds, cold sheds, and open -air planting. The earliest list of the earliest listing was warm shed cherry.

Imported cherries are generally listed in December and reached a peak during the Spring Festival. Among the domestic cherries, the warm shed cherry in Dalian, Liaoning began to be available in February in February, and will be listed in May and June.

Mr. Wu, a merchant, told reporters that domestic cherries are different from imported carbers and are divided into large and medium -sized fruits according to grams.

Most merchants visited said that the current purchase of cherries is not large, and they are selling and selling."The cherry mature season lasted from February to June and in mid -to -late May. In the open -air cherry, a large number of cherry cherries will be mature and listed, and the price will decline, and customers will buy more cost -effective." Mr. Wu said.

Shiren fruits have reduced prices one after another

The large amount of goods is the main cause

In addition to the large price reduction of blueberries and cherries, litchi, durian, watermelon, etc. also have also reduced prices.

On May 16th, at a fruit store in Hankou, Wuhan, the boss introduced that after entering May, a variety of seasonal fruits opened the price reduction channel.Although the price reduction of different fruits is different, the overall is much cheaper than in March and April.

Kirin Watermelon has dropped from 6.8 yuan per catty to 6.8 yuan to 8.8 yuan a month ago to 4.8 yuan per catty per catty.It’s about 13 yuan."Now not just the number of fruits that can be bought has increased, and the unit price has also dropped."

Recently, the reporter visited the Chengdu Fruit Market and found that most of the price of durian is 2030 yuan/catties, and there are also as low as 19.9 yuan/jin of the price of promotional activities.

A customer who bought durian said that the price of durian has fallen recently. Before she bought a durian for two or three hundred yuan, she could buy it at more than 100 yuan.

"One riding a red dust concubine laughed, and no one knew that it was lychee." On the season when Litchi was listed, on May 15th, the reporter visited many vegetables and fruit markets and fruit stores in Jinan./Jin and 32.9 yuan/jin, the varieties include "concubine laugh" and "white sugar popp" and so on.

The litchi market on the Kunming market has been listed for more than 20 days. As the number of listings increases, the price has also been reduced.

According to analysts, since May, the price level of the fruit market across the country has declined slightly. The main reason is that all kinds of summer fruits have been listed in large numbers, forming fierce market competition, especially fruit with high price in the early stage.The space is greater, and it is affected by the supply and demand relationship. As a result, the major varieties such as litchi, cherry, durian, and watermelon are brought about.

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Source: Hebei Transportation Broadcast

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