The premature baby at 24 weeks is only 980 grams of birth, and now it has become unexpected.

Breeding a life is the mission of God given every woman, but it is more difficult to me than to heaven.I was born in 1981. I married my husband in 2008. I became pregnant in the first month after my marriage. At that time, I felt that pregnancy was a very simple matter.The baby is born.

I was just 28 years old in 2008. It was the best age for women to get pregnant and had children. At that time, it was also the first pregnancy. I knew very little about pregnancy.My husband accompanied me to the hospital for a simple examination. After confirming that the pregnancy, my husband rode an electric car and went to the mall to buy Shuang comfortable flat shoes. He went from the bookstore to the bookstore with books about this pregnancy, and then went home happily.

February 23, 2015

In addition to being excited and more curious at the time, did you live in a villain in his stomach?Why didn’t I feel?Later, I went to get off work normally, and waited for the doctor to go to the hospital when the doctor said three months.After going to work, my husband bought me a anti -shooting suit. After putting it on, he felt like a pregnant woman, looking forward to the days when I met my baby.

In less than two months, I went to bed and turned over at night. Suddenly, I felt a hot thing flowing out of the bottom. I instinctively touched my underwear with my hands, oh my god!Bleeding!I was very scared, and when I saw bright red blood, I knew that the child would definitely not be able to keep it.My husband accompanied me to the hospital. At that time, many pregnant women with big belly looked at them, and I felt even more uncomfortable.

April 24, 2015 baby is one year old

When I was doing a color Doppler ultrasound, I was lucky and felt a miracle.But when I was lying on the bed and saw the doctor’s dignified expression, I knew that the miracle would not happen to me.Then he called in a doctor. The two seemed to be discussing something. After confirming that it was correct, the doctor told me: the fetus stopped.

My husband and I found another hospital, but the results were still the same. In the end, I could only choose the Qing Palace surgery.The first pregnancy ended in failure. I saw the pregnant woman in the community, or the baby lying in a stroller.Essence

February 23, 2016

I dare not care about the second pregnancy. My husband and I decided to go to the hospital for a pre -pregnancy screening, but the doctor said that one child stopping did not mean anything, and the early pregnancy was a slightly eliminated process.It is because the quality of the embryo is not good.So we listened to the doctor’s advice, but simply took some Chinese medicine to condition the body.

It was in 2010, and finally became pregnant for the second time after conditioning.Although the family was very careful about this pregnancy, the fetus stopped at 20 weeks.I have a detailed introduction to my record of this pregnancy record in the previous article (the baby of heaven, you must not get lost, if you are tired, remember to come back to his mother).I also want to remind more Baoma through my own personal experience: Sometimes the doctor’s suggestion is only for reference. Only by mastering more pregnancy knowledge can you be able to turn danger.

Because of the first two fetal stops, and the second time was a large monthly fetal stop, the third time I went to a large hospital for comprehensive pre -pregnancy examination. After some tossing, it was 2013.EssenceBecause after the fetal stop during the second big month, the doctor said that the coagulation value is very high, which will lead to insufficient blood supply to the umbilical cord. Therefore, the third pregnancy should pay attention to the coagulation value.

After you find that you are pregnant, please ask your heart to raise your tire at home. Because the progesterone value is low, you must check the progesterone in about a week.The first three months of the most dangerous, the first three months were finally boiled in my mind.The first day I decided to build a file, I was very impressed. It was noon at that time. I was going to the bathroom.

April 18, 2018

I cried at the time and looked at the blood on the underwear, I thought: Why is it so difficult to me!My family accompanied me to the hospital and hung up the emergency department. I was lying on the colorful ultra -ultimate.But I did not expect that the doctor said that the child was good and in line with the size of the gestational week.So the doctor asked me to have a hospitalized tire in order to observe the cause of bleeding.

For the sake of insurance, I lived in the hospital for a week and went out of the hospital after checking everything.After returning home, I didn’t dare to care. I was lying on the bed except eating every day.But during pregnancy, I did not become peaceful because of my carefulness.One month after bleeding, the red red, which was more red than my aunt, made my heart once again mentioned my throat.

That time, at night, there was no sign of redness, and my husband took me to the hospital to hang the emergency department.The same result as the last bleeding, color Doppler ultrasound shows that everything is normal, but the cause of bleeding is not found.

My husband and I discussed that for the sake of safety, I decided to stay in the hospital for the time being.Because it is a private hospital, the patient will not be discharged from the hospital.In addition to listening to the fetal heart twice a day, you are lying on the bed in the hospital, and you dare not move.The days in my heart are the days when the expected date of expected, it is almost the same year.

In fact, in the end, the doctor did not find the cause of my bleeding at that time. I had hardly left the sanitary napkin during my pregnancy, and sometimes even more bleeding than the menstrual period.The doctor will help me test whether there is any infection on a regular basis, except for these that are lying on the bed to raise a tire.Every day, the doctor just asks me if I have symptoms such as stomach pain and tell me that as long as you have no contractions now, it is safe.

Because the second gestational week was stopped at 20 weeks, I seemed to have shadows, and sometimes people’s hunch was really amazing.By 20 weeks, the doctor arranged for me to do the color Doppler ultrasound, saying that if there is no problem, you can get three -dimensional next time.When I was looking forward to seeing the baby like a 3D color Doppler ultrasound, my fate joked again with me again.

In the 20 week of color Doppler ultrasound, the doctor said that my palace mouth had three fingers. I didn’t understand the concept of the three fingers at the time.The doctor told me that when there was a child, it was driving to the ten fingers.I realized the seriousness of the problem this time.After returning to the ward, due to the previous experience, my husband and I decided to transfer to Beijing.

Among them, the folding is no longer in detail, and I can only describe it with difficulties. I will never forget what the doctor at the obstetrics and gynecology hospital said at that time: "We can’t see it in Beijing, you can’t cure it, and we are the same. We are the same.! Go back from wherever you come! "The helplessness at that time was really not described in words.

After several setbacks that day, he was finally collected at the Fuxing Hospital.The next day, the doctor arranged an emergency ring surgery.Before the operation, the doctor talked to me a lot of risks. It was probably the low rate of success. It was possible that external stimuli during the operation would cause contractions that causing children to be unable to keep it.I firmly signed the notice of surgery. I think that if the cervix has opened three fingers if it is not surgery, the child’s survival rate is basically zero.If you have undergone surgery, there are at least hope.

Three days after the operation, I returned to the local hospital to continue bed in bed.Every day, there is a pillow under the buttocks, and some people take care of Lasa.I didn’t dare to wash my hair again throughout pregnancy. At that time, it was really embarrassed.The doctor said that as long as there is no contraction, he can stick to one step closer to one day.It was so difficult to cook for 23 weeks, and the hardships may have experienced the mother who had experienced themselves.

On April 13, 2014, that is, I just reached 24 weeks of pregnancy, and suddenly the contraction began to contrast, but the child was just six months old, and the doctor lost to me to control the contractions.I checked a lot of information on the Internet. In our country, there were precedents that had survived in the earliest 22 weeks of premature babies in my country, so I firmly believed in my belief.Based on the medical knowledge I have mastered, the doctor gave me a needle to promote the lung maturity.

The painful contraction made me insist on the next night. I felt that the uterus was almost broken. I cried and shouted to the doctor, "Save me, I can’t hold on, I can’t hold it. I must save her!"The doctor helped me contact me from Beijing Bayi Children’s Hospital, and also informed the pediatric director of our hospital.In the delivery room, I experienced the contraction of the cervical rings, painful contractions, and major bleeding during the operation.

The child finally came out, but there was no crying, and he had no strength to wave his arm.The pediatric director and nurse rescued the children next to them, and I anxiously urged their ambulance at the Bayi Children’s Hospital to arrive.I felt that it was a long time after the ambulance finally arrived. I wrapped the child’s body with plastic wrap, which made me look at the child’s appearance, and hurriedly took the child away.

The child was born on April 24, 2014, with only 980 grams and 33 cm.The director who was born said like a kitten and suggested that I give up.I disagree, she is still a living little life, how can I bear to give up!No matter what you have to give your child a chance to live, I just want to do what I can do with my strength. Other people who listen to the heavens are always watching her without breathing!

In July 2014, the baby was discharged less than four pounds

I am glad that my original decision was wise.The woman is weak, and it is a mother.At that moment, I felt the greatness of being a mother. I resolutely kept my child regardless of everyone’s opposition.After the child experienced a test of life and death, he lived in the thermal box for three months. When he weighed about four pounds, he finally went home to reunite.

Only 980 grams of babies suggested to abandon by the doctor.This year’s daughter is eight years old. In the second grade of elementary school, Tang poetry will carry more than 200 songs, and the memory is particularly good.Now recalling the suffering and suffering sins at that time, everything is worth it.I still want to say that sometimes my fate is in my hands. If I listened to the doctor’s choice at the time, maybe there is no smart and lovely daughter today.Because of the test of life and death, I just hope that my daughter will grow up healthy, which is my greatest wish.

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