The pregnant woman received these three signals, and the baby in the stomach is telling you: I’m going out

Generally, the fetus is mature around 38 weeks of pregnancy, and the closer to the production period, the more expectant mothers hope to meet the baby quickly. In fact, the fetus will emit obvious signals before birth. At this time, the mother is ready to welcome the newborn baby.

1. True contractions

When the pregnant woman’s abdomen occurs when the real contraction occurs, the abdomen of the pregnant woman will have obvious pain, and the pain interval will be shortened.However, the body of each pregnant woman is different, and the frequency of contractions will also be very different. Some pregnant women have contractions for two or three days, and some are several hours.Do n’t worry when contractions occur. You need to make a record, record the time of the beginning of the contraction, the duration time and the interval time, the interval is getting shorter and more than 3 minutes or 5 minutes.For more than minutes, you should go to the hospital to prepare for production.

2. Break water

Water breaking is also the common clinical symptoms, but it is relatively critical.The amniotic fluid protects the fetus and can provide sufficient oxygen and blood for the fetus. When a large amount of amniotic fluid flows too much, the fetus will suffer from hypoxia and suffocation, and even the umbilical cord prolapse will occur.When dehydration occurs, the ass should be higher before going to the hospital.Do not stand up and walk when breaking the water, otherwise it will speed up the loss of amniotic fluid.

3. Seeing red

When it is about to approach the due date, some expectant mothers will have bloody secretions, which is red.Seeing red indicates that the fetal head of the fetus has fallen, which is a kind of bleeding caused by the separation of uterine walls and fetal membrane friction. This is only a clinical symptom, and it does not mean that it is about to be born immediately.If pregnant women have only a faint blood color, don’t worry too much. If the amount of bleeding exceeds the amount of menstrual period or menstrual bleeding suddenly increases, and obvious abdominal pain will also occur, you should go to the hospital.

Kind tips

Whether there are contractions, water breaking, or redness, don’t be too nervous, choose the correct response measures, and go to the hospital to prepare in time.There must be too much psychological burden during production, and must be accompanied by family members.

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