The pregnant woman exposed her boyfriend "brown sugar water medicine"?Reverse: I haven’t seen this script

Recently paying attention to a pregnant woman,

A few days ago, a young woman posted a video online,

The video content was that she suffered and complained that her boyfriend had prescribed medicine in her brown sugar water over and over.

But the incident does not know clearly, and Aunt Sauce dare not make a conclusion,

What happened later made people feel a little confused.

What happened?Let’s take a look together ~

At first glance, this is a very cruel event.

The young woman said in the video:

I was 6 weeks of pregnancy, and my boyfriend stole rice non -olone in brown sugar water. Now it is unknown whether the child can keep it.

Women wearing black masks and simple white T -shirts,

Due to excessive sadness, his eyes cried red and his voice was choked, which made people feel distressed.

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According to her own,

I and her boyfriend accidentally "wiped the gun away" and were pregnant.

In her opinion, although the two have not been bound for marriage, since the child is coming, it is the gift given by heaven, and she should cherish it.

But I did not expect her boyfriend’s approach to make people unexpected.

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I thought her boyfriend would be happy because he was about to become a dad. What she did not expect was that

The boyfriend’s decision to give birth to her, with opposition, and the two had contradictions.

The contradictions lasted for a long time, and the two sides were unhappy these days.

However, just a day when she was more than 6 weeks of pregnancy, her boyfriend suddenly changed her indifference in the past and gently handed her a glass of brown sugar water.

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The young woman originally thought that her boyfriend had figured it out and decided to accept the child, so they drank without doubt.

But she wouldn’t think of dreaming that her boyfriend moved his hands and feet in brown sugar water -he got the medicine!

With her unawareness,

Cross sugar water is mixed with beef dexone with abortion effects, as well as promoting blood circulation and cold.

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And her boyfriend waited until the next morning to tell her.

Obviously, the purpose of her boyfriend is to let women have a miscarriage, or make the fetus incomplete.

In this way, they "had to" give up the child.

The woman quickly rushed to the hospital. The doctor said that it is not sure now, and the result will not be able to know after a while.

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The woman in the video looked very sad, and said, "I’m really messy now, there is no clue."

The video makes many netizens feel sympathetic and angry, and they have condemned her boyfriend’s unscrupulous behavior.

But the whole thing suddenly had an unexpected reversal.

Some netizens found some doubts and contradictions.

First of all, Mi Fuzone is a strictly controlled prescription medicine, which can not be bought casually.

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Secondly, why do women insist on giving birth to children under the circumstances of unmarried pregnancy?Don’t she worry about the child’s health and the future?

What is even more unexpected is that the number of fans soared after the woman posted a video.

On the night of the video, the window function was opened and the goods began to live broadcast.

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She also shot a video that was taking fetal protection, and seemed to want to sell her products.

Netizens will not buy it this time. I started to doubt whether the miscarriage was used to obtain everyone’s sympathy and speculate on themselves.

Some netizens began to doubt whether he was really pregnant, or he said that everything was self -directed.

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Aunt sauce feels that there is no problem to protect her rights and interests with the power of the Internet.

But if you make a false story and induce the audience, it is wrong.

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Although this incident has not been officially confirmed or investigated, it has caused great controversy and reflection on the Internet.

Because we have seen too many such routines.

This behavior not only harms the authenticity and credibility of social media, but also deception and insult to netizens.

Aunt sauce wants to say that we should be vigilant and critical about this behavior, and don’t easily believe in the words on the Internet.

For those unscrupulous speculators, they should report immediately and cannot be a tool for others to help.

If the woman really encountered the evil behavior of her boyfriend’s medicine, then she should call the police in time and seek legal help,

Instead of only exposure on the Internet, there is no substantial help.

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If a woman is making a story to speculate on herself, then she should feel ashamed and repentant,

And apologize to the public and bear corresponding legal responsibilities.

Work together to create a healthy, civilized and orderly network environment!

Netizens hot review

Sympathy is priceless, but it is not without the bottom line. When it is exhausted, society will become more cold.

—- Small Cooking Chicken 9527

What she consumes is the sympathy and attention that the real victims should have received. There are more people, that is, the realistic version of the wolf comes to the story. It does not severely crack down on this behavior, and in the end everyone will become numb.

—- Li Luocheng

One day when our love was glory, it was the beginning of indifference. It was not possible to hype without the bottom line. Isn’t Xinji Fei, the demonized additive, isn’t it still with goods?How many trumpets do you know how many trumpets are promoting selling goods there?

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