The pregnant wife got the ovarian cancer husband, and the practice moved everyone after learning the truth #…

The pregnant wife had ovarian cancer, and her husband moved everyone after learning the truth.

Pregnant women who are 8 months pregnant only eat two cakes for two consecutive times, which can scare the girlfriends aside and quickly step forward to check the situation.Looking at the woman’s pale and unbearable appearance, she was going to take her to the hospital.The woman quickly refused, and said that she was only a greater response during pregnancy.But my girlfriend was not so confused, because I was pregnant.I know that the situation of 8 months of pregnancy will never be the case. When you say you, you must forcibly take her to the hospital and call to notify her husband.

The woman stopped her girlfriend.Women were found ovarian cancer in the early stages of pregnancy.There are cysts in the ovaries, with a diameter of more than 5 cm.B -ultrasound made Dr. Li suspect that he was a malignant tumor.At the moment of learning the news, women felt that the sky was about to collapse.The doctor suggested that women kill their children as soon as possible and perform removal surgery in time, and there is a 50%survival rate.But once a woman is surgery, she can never get pregnant again, and I can’t give birth to it in the future, right?Life is the most important.

At this moment, she thought that her husband was full of joy when she was pregnant, and she really couldn’t bear to let her husband happy.She can’t get rid of the crystallization of her husband’s love for a few more days.So she decisively rejected the doctor to decide to take risks.Doctor I don’t need to think about it anymore.I think it is very clear. How much sin is, I have to give birth to this child peacefully.Then she found her husband’s trial to ask: Yunhui, can you think you can take care of the child?Of course, not only do I have to take care of my children, I also have to take care of you.What problems did I encounter in the process of giving birth?Don’t talk nonsense, you will be good with your child.That is of course you.If the child is gone, you can regenerate. You have only one you are stupid. Then I want it, you can find you younger and more beautiful!You are my only.As the stomach is getting bigger and bigger, cancer cells are constantly spreading, and it will soon reach the late stage of cancer, frequent vomiting and stomach pain.Let her husband finally find out strange, and decided to take his wife to the hospital for examination.

But his wife always refuses for various reasons. What hospitals can you go to?Then there is no vomiting for pregnant women, don’t be a fuss.The wife suddenly had a high fever that night, and her husband was very distressed.In order to allow her wife to reduce the fever quickly, she wiped the body of her wife for one night, and she was moved to see her husband who took care of herself for one night.At this moment, she strengthened her decision even more, and her husband woke up and hurriedly touched his wife’s forehead, and found that he finally had a fever, and the hanging heart finally let go.

In the evening, his wife’s stomach began to have severe pain again. Looking at the pale wife, the husband insisted on taking his wife to the hospital.In order not to let her husband discover her condition, the woman had to lie to everything.The careful husband always felt that something was wrong, so after sending his wife home, she rushed to the hospital to ask the situation on the grounds of work.That’s it. My wife was 8 months pregnant. I just did a check in the morning. I would like to ask how the test results were.what is her name?Pang Xiaoqin, who are you?What happened to her love?She has ovarian cancer.He learned that his wife was suffering from cancer, and he flew home immediately.Why do you hide from me?What did I hide?I went to the hospital just now.What exactly do you two do?I and your dad are confused.What is going on?Xiaoqin has cancer?It is already late, and when I say my husband is going to take his wife to the hospital, the woman insisted that he was already in the middle period when he just found out.What about one or two years?I have ovarian cancer.If I treat it, I have to kill the child and make full resection.Her husband begged his wife to say that she could not want children, but she could not without her.Let her go to the hospital obedient.His wife does not say that even if he can not accompany her husband for a long time, but the child can accompany him, can I ask you?I beg you, you will let me give birth to the child. You see that he has been 8 months. When I give birth to the child, do you tell me my mother?I begged you to Yunhui.Faced with the desperation of his wife, the man was painful, and the two cried together, and soon the wife was going to give birth.On this day, my mother -in -law was helping to sort out things for her daughter -in -law.Suddenly the woman’s stomach started to suffer severe pain.Xiaoqin, what’s wrong with Xiaoqin?Why is it so painful?It is not to be born?Isn’t it a few days later?Not so accurate, that’s all estimated."Look at the follow -up on the lower left corner."After walking, the husband hurriedly picked up his wife and sent it to the hospital.Can women give birth to children smoothly?

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