The pregnant mother is more than 1 month of pregnancy, and the stomach is big?This situation represents good fetal development?

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After pregnancy, all kinds of inconveniences are here. If you don’t say anything, you can say that the belly becomes larger.

After the belly becomes larger, various operations are inconvenient:

Wear socks and pants in winter, and constantly try in various postures;

Sleeping, sideways, lying on your stomach, lying down, and not comfortable to sleep;

It’s not fast to walk, whether in that direction, it’s a ball;

Even spitting your mouth saliva can spit on your stomach;


A few days ago, I saw a strange man given a lace of a pregnant mother, because the pregnant mother tried many times, but could not do it.

Such a picture can really make a pregnant mother who is very emotional under the influence of hormones.

The stomach becomes larger, and when the pregnant mother feels inconvenient, she will also feel relieved, because it means that the baby grows up in the stomach.

However, the mother’s belly becomes larger, and in different months, it may not mean that the baby is growing up.

When I saw a mother -in -law said that when she was pregnant for more than a month, her belly became larger, as if she had been pregnant for 3 or 4 months, thinking that she was a twins.You can go to the hospital to do a B -ultrasound, there is only one baby, not twins.Later, I learned that it was a joke that caused flatulence and constipation.

Under normal circumstances, the pregnant mother will only appear in March in pregnancy and can see that the stomach becomes larger. If the belly is "appearing" if she is pregnant, the pregnant mother must consider whether these situations are:

① Pregnant mothers are fat

Due to the impact of hormones, pregnant mothers, coupled with more after pregnancy, some pregnant mothers are less moved, and it is easy to eat fat.

For those pregnant mothers who are fat and fat, the stomach is easy to "show" quickly.

√ Nutrition during pregnancy should be balanced

Nutritional supplements during pregnancy, but excessive nutritional intake is not helpful to the fetus, but it will cause a burden on the body of the pregnant mother.

The balance of nutrition during pregnancy is the responsibility of yourself and the baby.

② Pregnant mothers have flatulence or constipation

During pregnancy, flatulence or constipation is very common. Most of the early pregnancy is caused by changes in hormone secretion.

Some pregnant mothers may have poor gastrointestinal motility and digestion, and the time of flatulence or constipation during pregnancy will be longer.

√ Keep a good mood

A good mood can make all aspects of the body more "smooth", and it can also make pregnant mothers have a good sleep, which helps to relieve abdominal distension and constipation.

√ Eat less meals

Pregnant mothers can eat a little less and eat a few more meals, which can reduce constipation and abdominal distension.

③ With twins or polyphys

When the pregnant mother is pregnant with twins or multiple births, the stomach will be greater than the ordinary pregnant mother’s belly.

√ Pay attention to conditioning your body

Some pregnant mothers are relatively weak and unable to bear multi -fetal production. For this situation, the pregnant mother must make corresponding conditioning on the body under the advice of the doctor.

In the early pregnancy, the stomach of the pregnant mother became larger, usually not caused by the larger fetus.Although the fetus was different from cell differentiation into a humanoid appearance during this period, the baby’s baby was only as large as the plum in March.At this stage, it is mainly at the stage of fetal differentiation organs, so it is easy to cause malformations. Pregnant mothers should pay special attention to the harm to the fetus at this stage.

In the second trimester, the baby continuously improves the function and nervous system, and all aspects of the baby’s body are becoming more and more "people".

In the third trimester, it is the stage of the baby’s head, which is also the time when the baby grows fastest.During this period, the baby’s growing rapidly will make the pregnant mother’s belly quickly bulge. Slowly pregnant mothers will find that they can’t see their feet and do not bend over. The action is limited.

At this time, the pregnant mother’s belly became larger because the baby was growing rapidly.

If the pregnant mother is weak and the fetal condition is too small, the pregnant mother should adjust the nutrients in the diet to ensure the fetus’s nutritional needs.

If the foods that pregnant mothers eat are too rich in nutrition and cause the weight of pregnancy during pregnancy, then it is necessary to adjust the intake of fat and energy in food appropriately.

One is that if the fetus is too large, it may cause the trouble of pregnant mothers during the production, which is not good for the childbirth, and it is not good for the situation of the pregnant mother when the production.

The second is because the nutrition of the fetus is limited after all. If you take too much nutrition, the extra nutrition will become the flesh of the mother, which is not good for the postpartum body recovery.

In the third trimester, in addition to adjusting her diet, pregnant mothers should do more exercise if they are allowed, which will help pregnant mothers’ health and production.For example: walking, pregnant women’s exercise, climbing stairs, etc. These can help the fetus fall into the pot, relax the pelvic ligament, and help pregnant mothers to give birth.

However, it should be noted that if you do exercise in the third trimester, you must do it with your family. Do not raise things and do heavy energy to reduce frequent bending.

Someone joked that after July pregnancy, before the pregnancy period, the fetus stayed in the mother’s belly for a day, so that the baby can make the baby more healthy and save the baby’s money for one day.This is indeed the same.

The stomach of the pregnant mother became bigger every day, and the baby was developing and growing up day by day.

During this period, the pregnant mother’s pregnancy examination was on time, and the baby was checked on time before the baby was born, reducing the baby’s situation other than the occurrence of the baby, and creating a healthier living environment for the baby.

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