The phenomenon of pregnancy is frequent.

For many college students, it seems a very wonderful thing to talk about a romantic campus love in college.And because of China’s education model, many college students have experienced very harsh high school education before entering the university.During high school, they were strictly bound by themselves.

For grades, parents will naturally not allow any early love.Therefore, the college students who missed the bud in love, they all bet on the expectations of good love in the college career.For many college students, universities are a very wonderful place.Because at the university, they were away from their parents and teachers, and finally had their own freedom.

But because they just struggled from a very hard high school career, they often gave their freedom over fire.They lacking their parents, and the possibility of making mistakes in college has become greater.This can be seen in the increase of the pregnancy of college students year by year.University seems to be a time to fall in love, because in this period of time, they are the most carefree.

It is also the most time with time.They do not need to soak them all day in the sea of books. With more time, you can know more people and participate in more activities they like.Therefore, the possibility of people who meet each other has become greater.More importantly, parents’ attitude towards college students will become more clear.

Compared with the strict guardian of high school, many parents are also willing to see their children have a very sweet love during college.Even if some parents are more disciplined on their children and do not want their children to start in love early, but because they are too far away from the child, they cannot really restrain their children.Due to such internal and external internal and external prompts, the love behavior in universities has naturally become more and more.

During college, of course, falling in love is not a matter of course, but during the period of love in college, many women do not know how to protect themselves. While tasting the forbidden fruit, it is a very distressed thing to make themselves unintentionally pregnant.EssenceSo during college, why did you frequently expose the news of girls in college girls?A school sister who has gone through four years has summarized some reasons for everyone.

1. The sensuality of girls is easier to be used

It is easier for girls to use emotions than boys. For these university students involved in the world, they are more likely to be affected by emotions, and even under the rhetoric of boys, it is easy to become soft -hearted.In this way, it is difficult for them to strengthen their position. If they do n’t know how to protect themselves, they will have a banned fruit with their boyfriend during college, and the possibility of pregnancy unknowingly is very high.

Girls’ students who have not experienced sinister society, they are actually very simple groups of people.Their understanding of love is more from TV series or novels.In family education, parents will not do too much about their children, about love for love.So they did not have a correct view of love.

They are too simple and brainwashed by novels and TV series, naturally, it is easy to have too practical fantasies about love.Under these fantasies, boys’ rhetoric is easier to confuse them.There are even many girls, because of their longing for love, because they do not know how to reject boys, they promise the boy’s confession when they are still ignorant., Even promised boys to have more excessive requirements.

Many times what kind of person will look like, which is largely affected by the environment.It is not very common in the reason why my country loves early in China. It is because in the high school environment, there are still a few people in love.

But after entering college, whether it is his classmate or a roommate, he will have his own love early.Then the only single person left is very likely, because of the psychology or comparison psychology, and falling in love with other boys.


For our parents, many parents are actually difficult to open up in love education, but this approach is actually very incorrect.The current college students are very different from the past. They have better information technology, and they have more channels to understand information.

Therefore, many things, not parents do not teach, they don’t understand.Instead of letting them be affected by bad thoughts on the Internet, it is better to let parents guide them better, so that they can better learn to protect themselves while enjoying the sweetness of love.

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