The online male college students derailed nearly 10 people during their girlfriends, and were notified by the school: damage the image of college students


In the junior high school stage, "early love" is a banned thing, and it is also the "thunder area" in the minds of parents. Once students have early love, parents will be very concerned.However, with the students entering the university, this incident slowly changed.

Most parents adhere to the idea of not opposing nor support. If students can really meet like -minded students at the university stage, they can also contact them. After all, even if you enter collegeEssence

Many college students cherish the pure and ignorant feelings at the university stage, but there are also some college students who want to splurge their youth and hurt others.At this stage, the love incident of a male student student has been uploaded on the Internet. Let’s take a look at it today.

The love of college students is a normal and common thing, but some college students, although they have a strong learning ability, are very relaxed on their moral quality, and even make behaviors that hurt her.

A male college student and Dou of the Central and South National University of China, Dou, derailed during his girlfriend during pregnancy, and derailed nearly 10 people, attracted the attention of many netizens.Many netizens bluntly stated that they are still so expensive in college, and what will it look like to society in the future.

Many netizens said that education has nothing to do with character.The Central and South National University is also a first -class university in China. Dou’s college entrance examination scores should be very high in order to take the test. However, they did not work hard in the university but made their girlfriend pregnant and derailed. Such college students are really unacceptable.

Subsequently, more and more netizens who were paying attention to this matter, Central and South University for Nationalities also knew about it.After the investigation, he decided to report to Dou. In view of the serious damage to the image of college students, Dou gave him seriously warning and sanning to Dou himself.

However, many netizens believe that such students are not worthy of staying in college to study. He did not cherish the university he had paid for many years before he was admitted. The university should no longer give him a chance, and he should give it directly.

Of course, some netizens said that students should not fall in love at the university stage.Since students should focus on learning, falling in love will affect learning. Parents in the university stage are not as beyond reach. Of course, there will be many unpredictable things.

But the author does not think so. It is normal for college students to love. It is normal. The problem is that students should understand how to restrain themselves and understand what they can do.At the same time, we must know how to protect yourself.

Dou’s behavior is indeed wrong and very angry, but did the 10 girls who derailed really did not know his real situation?Whether the pregnant girlfriend does not know if the author of college students, but at least the ability to protect her should still have.

Students are young and vigorous, and it is not unusual to steal food for food, but it is very important to protect their own consciousness and ability.Female students do not know how to protect themselves in the end.

Whether it is a male student or a female student, it has experienced years of hard work to enter the university. Even love should be based on the smooth completion of the learning tasks.And, you should understand what is "the ruler in the heart, the degree of acting."

Many things do not violate the law, but college students have obtained higher education, and they should also have noble moral qualities. At least they must have their own bottom line.Moreover, every student’s university stage is worth cherishing and worthy of planning.

After entering college, students can suddenly arrange their own learning and life. They may be confused and may "fly themselves."But in the end, you must face your own learning soberly and plan your future.

Many students do not know that the professional knowledge learned in universities has a great impact on future employment.The ability to successfully turn knowledge into work is an inevitable requirement for college students to develop in the future.

Moreover, there are many opportunities to improve their ability in universities, and each one is worthy of the students to cherish.Only by improving the ability of learning and communication in universities can we go further and higher in the future.

I sent a saying:

Dou’s behavior not only failed his years of hard work, failed the expectations of parents and teachers, but also suffered from those who really really liked him.I hope that every college student can understand that the eldest husband "do something to do."I also hope that every college student can have a beautiful and fulfilling campus life. After graduating from college, find a job that suits you.

Topic discussion:

Having said so much, what do you think of love in college stages?Welcome to comment and share opinions, let’s discuss it together.

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