The number of beer bottle caps is 21?Why is the beer bottle green glass bottle?

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□ Xu Haozheng Sichuan Daily All Media Reporter Tang Zewen

It’s the season of drinking beer to eat crayfish.Speaking of beer, have you found that the number of jagged beer bottle caps is 21.21 This number is of course not determined by scientists throwing the dice, but the most reasonable result of the manufacturers after constantly trying.

At the end of the 19th century, the beer bottle caps at that time were spiral, and the phenomenon of running gas also occurred, and the problem of deterioration of beer occurred from time to time.At this time, U.S. mechanical engineer William Painter thought of a good way that he pressed the bottle caps downward to form a coronary bottle cap to maintain the sealing of the bottle body.Therefore, this down -pressure bottle cap is also called the "Crown Bottle Card".However, the number of bottle caps at the time was 24.

Later, in terms of production process, artificial coverage gradually changed into industrialized stamping, but 24 servant to have a defect -it was very easy to block the hose used for stamping.To solve this problem, everyone has changed the number of sawtooth to 23, and the single sawtooth is no longer stuck.However, the 23 sawtoles were too dense, which caused the bottle cap to be too tight, making it difficult for the glass bottle to open.If it is used to install beer, there is still the risk of large air pressure that causes explosive bottle.

After repeated experiments, the researchers found that when the number of sawtooth was 3 times, the bottle cap was stronger.In comparison, the open cap of the 21obtooth bottle is easier and the risk of explosion bottle is low.Therefore, this number was eventually locked in 21 and continued to this day.

In addition, many beer bottles are designed to be green. Is there any mystery in it?In fact, the beer bottle made of glass first appeared in the public’s field of vision, in the middle and late 17th century.Due to technical restrictions, the shape is mostly spherical and onion.

The beer bottle is so green because in the mid -19th century, the production process of glass bottle was relatively backward, and it was difficult to remove impurities such as raw materials in China.Therefore, not only the beer bottle created is green, but the glass products such as ink bottle, paste bottle, and glass windows are green, so that in everyone’s cognition, the glass is green.

Since then, although the production process has gradually improved, people have also found that green wine bottles have also had the effect of delaying beer flavor.The essence is that in the process of brewing, the anticorrosive plant beache is added. Under the condition of light, it will be decomposed into a compound with odor and affects drinking.The green bottle body can allow the beer to sunscreen and extend the time of the preservation of beer.

So why don’t you need a brown bottle?In the 1930s, the brown wine bottle briefly took away the glory of the green wine bottle, and most of the manufacturers switched to the brown glass bottle to load wine.Unexpectedly, after the outbreak of World War II, the combustion bottle and the unsightly medicines on the battlefield needed to be stored in brown bottle, resulting in the increase in the amount and demand of brown tanks.

The glass bottle is in short supply, the price has risen, and the green glass bottle is relatively simple because the production process is relatively simple, and it is also suitable for beer preservation. Therefore, the beer bottle returns to the "green bottle era".

In recent years, the canned beer market has emerged.Compared with the glass bottle, although the easy -to -pull can is easier to deform, making the content of carbon dioxide in canned beer lower than the bottle, and it is not so "vigorous".Beer installation has always owned its own market.

At the same time, with the development of the times, the taste of consumers has also changed.The "crafts" symbolizing high -quality and high -value "crafts" will be on the consumer market. With its unique taste and packaging, it has won the favor of consumers.Since then, beer bottles have not been limited to brown and green, but not limited to the height and thickness of the bottle, and the style is weird. Various wine companies have also used this wind to slowly cultivate their own consumer groups.This version of the picture is provided by the respondents

Source: Sichuan Daily

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