The most common physiological needs during pregnancy, many pregnant women are more willing to hold it, but I don’t know if the fetus is not good.

October in pregnant is the happiest time of every expectant mother. It is about to upgrade to become a mother. Every day, I enjoy the wonderful feeling of growing up in the stomach every day, and can get the general treatment of the family’s "national treasure".

But the mothers who have experienced pregnancy know that there will be many changes in the body during pregnancy, and often they will face very embarrassing situations.

For example, common physiological needs, many expectant mothers are desperate because they are embarrassed. In fact, this is very bad for fetal baby.

The most common physiological needs during pregnancy, many pregnant women are more willing to hold it, but I don’t know if the fetus is not good.

Lin Lin was 8 months pregnant. When she was shopping with her a day, Lin Lin was embarrassed to say that she dared not go out casually now because she was afraid that she could not find the toilet.

This situation has been last for two months, and it is very uncomfortable every day.I said very much because I was pregnant when I was pregnant. Sometimes I simply did not drink water because I had to do important things, so as not to run to the toilet.

However, I did not expect Lin Lin to call him the next day, because when he went to the toilet that night, he was afraid to disturb the husband who had just returned overtime, so he didn’t turn on the lights. When he touched the toilet, he accidentally fell.

As a result, the amniotic fluid ruptured and the stomach had a pain. Her husband quickly sent Lin Lin to the hospital. Fortunately, the mother and son were safe.

Yang Huili, chief physician of the obstetrics and gynecology department of Jinan Central Hospital, answered: It is normal for pregnant women to have frequent urination during pregnancy. The main reason is

1. Because the metabolites of pregnant mothers and fetal baby must be excreted from the body through the mother’s body, it will bring additional burden on the kidneys, so the amount of urine will become more.

2. Because the baby’s body grows up day by day, the uterus becomes larger, so it will press the bladder, which will cause the number of urination to increase.Only then can I always feel urinating.

3. There is another reason for this condition is that muscle relaxation. Pregnant mothers during pregnancy will secrete a kind of muscle relaxation hormone. This hormone can make the bones and the muscles of the production tract more relaxed and elastic, which will helpIt is produced smoothly, but this hormone can also make the bladder muscles relax, so it cannot be locked, and often embarrassed.

It is very normal for pregnant mothers to urinate frequently. Do not feel distressed and embarrassed for this.However, there is a situation to attract attention, that is, whether it will be accompanied by pain when urination. If so, you need to seek medical treatment immediately to rule out whether it is caused by urinary tract infection.

1. Don’t urinate

If pregnant mothers hold urine for a long time, it will not only cause the bladder pressure to increase, but may cause inflammation of the bladder or damage to the bladder muscles and incontinence.

And long -term urination is very bad for fetal baby. If the bladder cannot be emptied in time, it will press the uterus, causing the fetal baby to discomfort. In severe cases, there is still risk of miscarriage.

2. Timely replenishing water

Pregnant mothers should not drink water because they are afraid of frequent urination, because water shortage can cause reduced amniotic fluid, and it is also very unfavorable to fetal baby.

Therefore, you should pay more attention to hydrating in time during pregnancy. You can prepare a suitable cup to carry with you, and replenish water in a small amount.Do not eat too much in diet to promote Lishui and urinate foods such as winter melon.

3. Do targeted muscle exercise

During pregnancy, you can do more Kigel movement during pregnancy. In the last century, the Kiger Movement was proposed by Dr. Kigel in the United States.And anal muscle strength.And often doing this kind of exercise can also effectively reduce the condition of uterine prolapse and postpartum vaginal relaxation.

Pregnant mothers can use their daily leisure time to perform the Kiger movement. The training method is to use natural standing two feet and shoulders with a wide posture.Clamp, keep relaxing for about 5 seconds, repeat more than 15 times as a group, and you can practice multiple groups every day.

There are also some pregnant mothers who have a strong demand for the same room during pregnancy. This is also very normal, so they do not need to be shy.

Because the level of sex hormone during pregnancy will increase, it will cause sexual desire. If it cannot be relieved for a long time, it will not only increase psychological pressure, but also cause abnormal uterine contraction, which is not good for yourself and baby.

The first three months and the next three months during pregnancy are not recommended, but in the middle of pregnancy, the husband and wife can live properly. At this time, the baby’s baby has been developing relatively stable.The relationship between husband and wife can also be more intimate.But be careful not to be too severe, so as not to cause uterine discomfort.

Regarding the embarrassing things during pregnancy, I believe that every pregnant mother has experienced more or less. You can leave a message to discuss with you and talk about how you do it.

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