The most beautiful army: I am almost 7 months pregnant, and the baby will be the same as you in the future

"Today is the 5th anniversary of my husband and my husband. Now my daughter is 4 years old. You have never sent her kindergarten that day last day. As a result, children in kindergarten have jokes. She is a child without a father, but in her daughter’s memoryIn, her father is a hero, a superman, and a great Chinese People’s Liberation Army. Now I have been pregnant for almost 7 months. I guess our baby will grow up like you.Dad -like big heroes. You often say to me three words that are always good, but now I want to say three words to you now, please rest assured! "

This is the affectionate confession of her husband Feng Chao in the fourth episode of "Singing the Chinese Dream" in the fourth episode of the CCTV Variety Channel’s large -scale TV literary special program "Singing 90 Years".She said not only her love for her husband, but also the words of all the arms.

His mission and responsibility will give me a lifetime happiness

In 2008, 19 -year -old Gao Jiamin met Feng Chao, who was 19 -year -old through friends.Gao Jiamin came from a soldier family. He liked to listen to military songs, like Teacher Yu Junjian, and everything in the military camp. Therefore, Feng Chao, who knew the air force in the central war zone in Beijing for two years, was attracted by Feng Chao’s military popularity.Through knowing each other and falling in love, Gao Jiamin wants to marry Feng Chao.

At first, the family was a little worried. Gao Jiamin also knew that he had been a military sister, which meant that many things in life had to carry it by herself. She had seen her mother’s hard work when she was a child, but she was moved by Feng Chao’s military temperament.In the end, regardless of the worry of the family, he resolutely married the Chinese soldiers.

Gao Jiamin said: "At that time, the family was very opposed and felt that marrying soldiers would work hard, but I did not obey the arrangements of my parents, insisted on my choice, and insisted on marrying Feng Chao. Because I think men who can wear military uniforms must be a good man,His mission and responsibility will give me a lifetime happiness. "In order to support her husband’s work, Gao Jiamin quickly grew from a young girl to a strong woman who was alone in the storm.

The rose of the family, the hero’s chivalry tenderness

Gao Jiamin is 28 years old and runs a wedding company in his hometown.A four -year -old daughter is now pregnant with seven months.Work, life, and children, all the burdens are basically pressed on Gao Jiamin alone.

Feng Chao has entered the army for 11 years. In this 11 years, the number of young couples can be counted.But this day, Gao Jiamin feels very happy.It is a kind of happiness to protect a home for your love.

However, when asked Gao Jiamin alone, she was tired of being tired, and she thought for a moment and replied, "Tired, really tired, especially when the child is very tired when he is sick, sometimes even a bit helpless, and now herself is now herself again.Seven months of pregnancy, I need to take care of my family and home, my body is tired, my heart is tired. "Although tired, Gao Jiamin did not regret it because she knew that this was her own choice.And such tiredness and suffering are the preparations for the two when the two are oaths in the wedding.

As sung in the military song, "Half of you and half of my military chapter", this is the feelings of the soldiers who support the army alone.Indeed, they are the strongest backing of soldiers.

Gao Jiamin’s greatest expectation for life is her husband Feng Chao safe and healthy. He came back to see his daughter and the upcoming new life as soon as possible. At the end of the interview, Gao Jiamin said: "The life of the two places not only has not shrunk us, but has made our feelings like ChenLaojiu, getting more sweet and mellow. Choosing to be a soldier’s wife, although there are a lot of sweet and bitter, but I still feel very happy and proud. "

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