The more beautiful you are, 8 precautions for beauty during pregnancy, the pregnant mother must not know

Mothers who do massage and beauty during pregnancy are more likely to recover postpartum after they do not pay attention to maintenance.Therefore, if you are not busy, you still have to be stinky. You can massage appropriately and skin care to keep your image. Let your baby like your beautiful mother at first glance.

What should I pay attention to during pregnancy?I summarized it, pregnant mothers should do beauty 4 and 4.

1. Prevent stretch marks and watermelon belly during pregnancy.

5 months after pregnancy is a high incidence of stretch marks, so pregnant mothers should prevent them in advance.Moderate massage with essential oils can effectively alleviate the production of stretch marks.The main massage parts should be concentrated in places where pregnancy strips are prone to pregnancy stripes such as abdomen, lower edge of hips, waist and hip parts, inside of the thighs, and surroundings of breasts.

2. Pay attention to facial maintenance and reduce facial stimulation

Have you found that some pregnant women’s face is red and can see thin blood wires. This is a spider spots formed by vascular sensitivity and thermal expansion and contraction.Therefore, pay attention to the face of the face during pregnancy.

3. Do breast massage

After pregnancy, the breasts will become shorter and bigger, swelling. During pregnancy, breast massage can relieve breast discomfort and prepare for breastfeeding.The massage method starts to rotate the massage from the surroundings of the breast. It knows that the breast skin is reddish, and the nipples are lifted ten times.Once in the morning and evening.

4. Pay attention to sunscreen

After pregnancy, the sun often leads to increased skin melanin and prone to pregnancy spots, so pregnant mothers should pay attention to sun protection.Eat more kiwi, apples, tomatoes and other fruits rich in vitamin C.Do n’t forget to prepare a solar umbrella or a sun hat for UV prevention.

Beauty during pregnancy 4 Don’t

1. Should not be able to turn on heavy makeup

During pregnancy, the baby is healthy, and the pregnant mother should not be thick.Because the lead, mercury and other toxic substances contained in cosmetics are absorbed by the skin and mucosa of the pregnant mother, they can enter the fetal cycle through the placenta barrier to affect the normal development of the baby.

2. Do not use whitening and freckle cosmetics

The skin’s white and freckle cosmetics contain toxic chemicals such as inorganic mercury salt and hydrogen. Frequent contact will cause the chromosomal distortion to increase, and it may also cause DNA molecular damage.These toxic substances can also be transferred to the baby by the mother placenta, which slows down the growth of cells and embryo development, resulting in abnormal embryo.

3. Don’t apply lipstick

Lipstick is composed of various oils, wax, pigments, and spices. Among them, oils are usually wool, which has certain permeability.In addition to the adsorption of heavy metal trace elements that are harmful to the human body in the air, lipstick may also adsorb E. coli. It may enter the baby’s body, and it will make the pregnant mother’s lips dry, red, swollenAnd affect the growth and development of the baby baby

4. Do not bring contact lenses during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the cornea content of the eye of the pregnant mother is higher than that of ordinary people. If wearing contact lenses, the corneal edema is likely to cause corneal edema due to hypoxia, which causes inflammation of the cornea.In addition, the corneal curvature of pregnant mothers will also change with the pregnancy cycle and personal constitution, which increases or decreases the degree of myopia.It is easy to wear contact lenses, which is easy to cause obvious injuries to the new blood vessels in the eyeball due to discomfort, and even cause the cornea to peel off.In addition, once contact lenses are unclean, it is easy to breed bacteria, causing corneal inflammation, ulcer, and even blindness.

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