The low intelligence daughter was strange pregnancy, and my father determined that it was a neighbor to make a evil. The investigation found that things are not simple.

A 28 -year -old girl with intellectual obstacles was strangely pregnant without marriage.

When the father was about to call the police, the baby in the girl’s belly was induced.

The most important thing is that the key evidence is missing, and even the suspect disappears.

The story starts from one day in 2009.Zhou Youde made meals as usual as usual.I never expected that her daughter was vomiting as soon as she picked up chopsticks.Zhou Youde thought that his daughter had broken his stomach and didn’t care.However, over time, Zhou Youde began to notice the strangeness of his daughter.Zhou Youde believed that her daughter might have a strange disease, so she trembling her to the hospital for examination.

The results showed that her daughter was not sick, but was pregnant!When Zhou Youde heard the news, he fell at the door of the ward and cried painfully.He cried: My daughter is a innocent girl, she has not got married, and she suffers from dementia. How could she be pregnant?

The girl’s father thought that neighbors were the most suspicious people, because his fish pond was only a few steps away from his house.The neighbor named Yao Sanxi, wandering around all day, and made excuses to look around Zhou Youde’s house.So Zhou Youde couldn’t bear the inner anger, and directly questioned whether Yao Sanxi bullyed the girl on Friday.Yao Sanxi’s face changed instantly when he heard this, but soon he returned to calm, and immediately accused Zhou Youde of deliberately slandering him.So the two began to quarrel, and Zhou Youde proposed that as long as you get 2,000 yuan, I can no longer investigate it.Yao Sanxi couldn’t sit still when he heard the other party’s request.He believes that Zhou Youde just said these words for money!His daughter lost his innocence, but let himself take this wrongdoing, and had to pay for it?Yao Sanxi refused, ignoring Zhou Youde at all, and then turned and left.

Zhou Youde wanted to get angry, so he chose to call the police.The village was full of this incident, and Yao Sanxi reflected that Zhou had the reputation that had harmed his reputation, but had no evidence to splash dirty water to him.Zhou Youde could not argue with Yao Sanxi, and could only wait for the police’s decision, but he did not expect that the police’s attitude was so ruthless.A few days later, a man named Jiang who claimed to be the director of the police station came to the Zhou family.

After Director Jiang understood the situation, he warned Zhou Youde not to doubt others, let alone act in a way to threaten money.Zhou Youde was full of grievances when he heard it. He asked for money just to kill his daughter’s child.Although he had no evidence, as the director of the police station, he believed that Director Jiang should be the main point for him.I don’t understand why the director of the police station did not go to hunt down the criminal, but warned him to be the victim.He explained to Director Jiang that he asked Yao Sanxi to ask Yao Sanxi not to blackmail each other, but because he heard that abortion surgery needed 2,000 yuan, so he asked.Zhou Youde urgently described the truth of the entire case to Director Jiang, hoping that he could preside over justice.However, Director Jiang seemed to be indifferent. He just warned Zhou Youde that he was not allowed to disclose the matter, and he was not allowed to ask Yao Sanxi to ask for costs, and then left his home.

Faced with the indifference attitude of Director Jiang, Zhou Youdehuai suspected that Director Jiang might be found by Yao Sanxi and was bribed and wanted to cover up the matter.He decided to retaliate against Yao Sanxi in his own way, spread the fact that Yao Sanxi criminals were spread to others, and completely corrupted his reputation.

Although Zhou Youde’s plan has a certain effect, it cannot make up for the damage to his daughter.On Friday, the sister suffered a disease at birth. Now the Thirty -year -old Friday sister IQ is only three years old. In recent years, her parents have been taking care of her life.Despite his difficult life, Zhou Youde never gave up his nurturing his daughter.Under the careful care, it was difficult to see that she was suffering from dementia on Friday.The family lived on food and clothing by the government. Although life was barely maintained, they lived.However, a fatal news broke their peaceful life.The sister was pregnant on Friday.

After Zhou Youde learned that his daughter was pregnant, he hurriedly asked the truth of the sister on Friday, but the sister ignored him on Friday.

On Friday, the sister only took care of the fetus in the belly, and ignored the question of Zhou Youde at all, which made him feel very depressed.After accompanying her daughter to return home, Zhou Youde, who was over sixty years old, cried, and he burned the anger of anger for those who bullied daughters.He can’t wait to punish the bad guys who hurt his daughter in person.Zhou Youde had considered calling the police, but he realized that his daughter’s unmarried pregnancy, and who did not know who his father was, once it was spread, their family would be pointed by the villagers.Those rumors are enough to make them unable to look up.

However, after venting his emotions, Zhou Youde began to realize something wrong.His daughter was not willing to marry her due to intellectual defects, and she was unable to understand what men and women were.This means that the reason for her daughter’s pregnancy can only be that some people deliberately bully her and use her intelligence weakness.Considering the mental defect of sister on Friday, Zhou Youde and his wife have never allowed her to go out.Therefore, the bad guy who bullied his daughter could only be a nearby person, that is, his neighbor Yao Sanxi.But it didn’t take long for things that happened again.

As the most important suspect in the case, Yao Sanxi disappeared mysteriously.This made Zhou Youde began to doubt that the director deliberately obstructed Yao Sanxi, and he had a question about whether there was still science in the world.At this time, Zhou Youde watched his daughter’s abdomen gradually bulging, and his heart was full of grief and anger.However, when he was emotional, the people at the local family planning office came to his home.It turned out that they heard the situation of Wumei, and felt deeply sympathetic and worried about her physical condition.

On Friday, the girl has always had intellectual obstacles. She needs to take care of her mother to complete simple movements in daily life, such as dressing and eating.If this child is born, Wumei will not be able to take care of him, and this family that is not rich will face a heavy burden.In addition, intellectual disorders often have genetic risks.If the child is still low in intelligence after birth, it will face more difficulties.Therefore, induction of labor has become the only choice to avoid greater tragedy.Seeing that the sister’s belly was getting bigger and bigger on Friday, Zhou Youde heard the reminder of the staff of the family planning department, and realized that the situation of Wumei was very urgent. He had to perform surgery as soon as possible, otherwise he would have to give birth to the child.

Zhou Youde quickly went to the county hospital for surgery under the arrangement of the family planning department.Just when Wumei was just pushing the operating room, Zhou Youde saw that Lao Jiang and others were staying outside the operating room.Zhou Youde realized that if the child in the five girl’s body was removed, the evidence of Yao Sanxi’s bullying her daughter would no longer exist.He mistakenly believes that Lao Jiang took someone to the operating room for his own eyes to see the evidence.Zhou Youde was angry and trembled, but he knew that the other party was the director of the police station and could not protest anything.He could only stare at Lao Jiang with anger to express his dissatisfaction.

When the girl was undergoing labor on Friday, Yao Sanxi suddenly returned to the village.Looking at Yao Sanxi’s proud look, Zhou Youde was extremely angry.He even believed that there was an unknown transaction between Director Jiang and Yao Sanxi.Otherwise, why did he return to the village again?He believes that this can only explain the ventilation letter of Director Jiang, so that Yao Sanxi thought that the evidence had been eliminated, and the Zhou Youde family could not threaten him, so he dared to return to the village to do anything.Thinking of this, Zhou Youde was extremely sad.Facing Yao Sanxi’s arrogant attitude in the village, his anger became more and more rising.He decided to go directly to the police station to report the case. If Director Jiang tried again to cover Yao Sanxi again, Zhou Youde was determined to make trouble.

So Zhou Youde quickly rushed to the police station.He hopes that Yao Sanxi will be punished by the deserved way through legal channels, while exposing the shady of Director Jiang.At the police station, he asked to see the director. The police took him to knock on the door of the director’s office, but unexpectedly found that it was not Lao Jiang sitting inside.It turned out that Lao Jiang had just been transferred not long ago, and the current director of the police station surnamed Li.Seeing a honest farmer who took the initiative to meet the director, Lao Li realized that Zhou Youde must have huge grievances.He patiently asked Zhou Youde what happened.Lao Li’s concern made Zhou Youde feel the warmth of being late. His inner line of defense collapsed completely. He talked to Lao Li with a snot and tears.He told him ten.After listening to Zhou Youde’s statement, Lao Li was very angry, saying that it was never possible to count this. Lao Li said that he would immediately investigate to ensure that justice was stretched.

However, before Zhou Youde was happy, Director Li poured him a pot of cold water.Director Li told Zhou Youde that to prove Yao Sanxi’s crime, he needed a certificate to confirm the intellectual defects of the sister on Friday.In the face of this problem, Zhou Youde was a little confused.Who does not know the intelligence of his daughter in the village?Why do you need to prove it?Can this be forged?Looking at Zhou Youde’s confusion, Director Li patiently explained that this is an indispensable step in the judicial procedure, and a special appraisal agency is required to issue a certificate.Moreover, this appraisal takes about 10,000 yuan.

Hearing this, Zhou Youde couldn’t help but panic.The family of four of his family has diseases. Except for himself, everyone else needs to rely on the country’s subsistence allowance.How can they have so much money to do this appraisal?Zhou Youde’s face gradually appeared on his face, and he expressed his idea of abandoning the report to Director Li.Looking at the complete change of Zhou Youde’s attitude before and after, Director Li speculated the reason.He comforted Zhou Youde and told him not to worry that the cost of cost was solved by him.

A few days later, the director personally came over to Zhou Youde 10,000 yuan. He was full of hope for his daughter’s case.Soon Zhou Youde took his daughter on the journey to find a conditional identification.They came to a professional appraisal agency in Changsha and waited for a few days, and finally waited for the results of the appraisal.Father Zhou held the appraisal report provided by a professional institution. He was full of expectations. I believe that this certificate will make Yao Sanxi have nowhere to escape.However, after returning home, Zhou’s father came to the Public Security Bureau with the results of the appraisal, but the case handler told him that in addition to the disabled appraisal, the DNA evidence of the crime was needed.This sentence once again put Zhou Youde into a deep despair.

At that time, after the induction of labor, Zhou Youguang took care of his daughter, and did not notice embryo samples at all.How can I solve the only evidence today?Recalling the incident that day, Lao Jiang clearly stood at the door of the operating room, but did not remind the embryo.Zhou You Deyue said that the more angry, Director Li felt that it was time to see Lao Jiang.

As soon as the two entered the door, Director Jiang became angry, so the head of Jiang said that he had always suspected Yao Sanxi. Although there was no conclusive evidence, he secretly assisted Wumei.However, because Zhou’s father was too excited and could not listen to his explanation, everything was concealed.It turned out that after the Director Jiang learned that Wumei needed surgery, the purpose of rushing to the hospital was to save embryo samples, because once the embryo sample was lost, it meant that the key evidence was lost.As for Yao Sanxi’s disappearance, it has nothing to do with him.

After further clarification, it is understood that Yao Sanxi’s sudden disappearance has nothing to do with Lao Jiang.This is the result of Zhou Youde that Yao Sanxi himself was a bad man who bullied his daughter, and thus hitting the grass and shocked the snake, and let Yao Sanxi escape.At the beginning, Lao Jiang suggested that Zhou Youde not to blindly doubt others without conclusive evidence. He was worried about this.However, Zhou Youde did not understand Lao Jiang’s hard work, but provided the suspect with the opportunity to escape.

Lao Jiang understands that he is regarded as a bad person in Zhou Youde’s eyes, and he explains anyway.Therefore, he decided not to explain.On the day of Wumei’s induction of labor, Lao Jiang looked at Zhou Youde’s gaze like a knife, and couldn’t wait to blame himself, and the grievances in his heart suddenly rushed to his heart.However, in order to stretch justice, Lao Jiang could only endure it silently.

This may also explain why Yao Sanxi was witnessed on the way to Zhou’s house, causing him to escape the scene.Yao Sanxi heard that after Wumei had a surgery, he might think he no longer had a problem, so he returned to the village.After the explanation of Director Jiang, Father Zhou realized that he had wronged Director Jiang, and apologized and thanked him.Next, they collected Yao Sanxi’s DNA and identified it.The results showed that Yao Sanxi’s DNA was in line with the DNA of the child in the belly of Wumei, which became the iron certificate of Yao Sanxi to bully the sister on Friday.

After the suspect Yao Sanxi was arrested by the public security organs, the case of Sister on Friday finally ushered in the result.Yao Sanxi was sentenced to death. After learning the news, Zhou Youde looked for someone to fish to fish with his fish ponds and decided to pick a few more nets and choose some of the police comrades who gave them to the police station.Due to Zhou Youde’s family’s financial situation is not rich, his fish pond is also the smallest in the village. He usually has very little leisure and economic conditions to fish. Only in the New Year, he is willing to catch a few fish in exchange for limited income.As people often say, rituals are light and affectionate.This gift is the best gift that Zhou Youde can get a shot, and he is also deeply grateful to the front -line police.

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