The little girl who has just given birth to a child, likes to drink this soup, is strong white and fragrant, it is not enough every Wednesday

The younger sister just gave birth to a child, 7 catties and 4 two, and the family was full of joy.From her breaking amniotic fluid to the birth of children, for 18 hours, everyone finally relieved.When I saw my brother -in -law do not sleep for 24 hours, I walked around, heard the cry of the child’s birth, had no tiredness, and understood the joy of being a father.The little girl said that the child was born on the first day of birth. It seems that during her pregnancy, she drank a lot of fish soup, which was still very useful.Every time I go to buy food, there is always the ingredients of this soup. The method is very simple, but the taste is fresh. The little girl often drinks 2 bowls, and it is not enough every Wednesday.

This soup is a catfish tofu soup. Many people know that the ingredients of this soup are mainly catfish and tofu.The side dishes include white radish and green onions.But many people say that this soup has a fishy smell and can not cook the thick white of the shop rice.Especially the prefabricated appetite of pregnant women is not easy to raise, and after drinking the fishy fish soup, she is nauseous.Today, let me tell you that this catfish soup is not fishy and white, full of umami, and it can’t stop.

Mother of Haidi Mother: Catfish Tofu Soup — Recipe recipes

Ingredients: catfish, tofu, white radish, shallots, coriander, ginger slices, ginger slices, garlic, salt, soy sauce, peanut oil

-STEP 1-

We prepare ingredients first. The price of catfish in the market is 15 yuan and 1 catties, which is relatively affordable. The fish stall owner has gone to the visceral and fish scales in the market. You only need to rinse it with water.A fish with 150 grams of tofu should not be too much.Cut tofu into pieces.It only costs 100 grams of white radish. After half cut, cut into small pieces for backup (the white radish slices must be cut thin, because the fish soup is cooked for a short time).After peeling the ginger and garlic, take a shiper, clean the green onions, and then cut it into a small section for later use.

-STEP 2-

Pour the oil hot pot, add the prepared ginger slices and garlic, stir -fry the aroma, then add the prepared catfish, fry over medium heat for 1 minute, and turn it over for 1 minute.

-STEP 3-

Then, we poured the prepared tofu and white radish slices, covering the lid for about 1 minute.After 1 minute, the white radish slices will become much softer. After adding water to boil, the taste is just right!

-STEP 4-

Finally, pour the appropriate amount of water, cover the pot, and cook for about 6 minutes.

-STEP 6-

After opening the pan, the thick white fish soup has been formed. Next, we put the appropriate amount of salt and a little soy sauce to fresh.

-STEP 7-

Finally, put onion and coriander, this pot of fish soup is achieved!

The fish soup does not have a fishy smell, and there are several points that need to be done.The black film of the internal organs should be removed.Ginger and garlic need to be fishy, first fry the fragrance before putting the fish.Catfish must be fried and fried to have fragrance and better fishy.White radish can absorb oil and remove the fishy smell.Onions and coriander also have the same effect, removing fishy and fragrant.Add a little soy sauce to fresh.

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