The leucorrhea must be white?Look at health through leucorrhea

Due to women’s special physiological structure, special period (menstrual period, pregnancy, etc.) and not paying attention to hygiene, sedentary and other habits, female compatriots will be more or less troubled by gynecological diseases.

When it comes to leucorrhea, many people seem to have disgust, and naturally linked it with the itch, pain, and smell of the vulva of women. This is definitely unfair. Many women even inferiority for this is even wise.

The healthy women’s vagina is moist and smooth, and often has a small amount of clear and transparent or slightly milky white -like liquid. This is leucorrhea, which is a normal physiological phenomenon.

First of all, we can find out what leucorrhea is.

Bai Ying is derived from the vaginal mucosa and cervix. It is mixed with penetrating epithelial cells, exudate liquids of vaginal walls, and cervical glandular secretions.

If the tide of menstruation means the arrival of adolescence, then the increase in leucorrhea seems to have the same significance.

From adolescence to menopamental periods, there are a certain amount of leucorrhea excreted, and the amount of leucorrhea changes regularly with the menstrual cycle.

Generally, when the ovulation is close to ovulation, the amount of leucorrhea is increased because the cervical mucus secretes strong; at this time, the pelvic mucosa exudate is increased due to the congestion of the pelvic cavity, and the amount of leucorrhea is often increased.

After pregnancy, due to the increase in estrogen, the vaginal mucosa exudation and cervical mucus increase, so the amount of white belt is more.These are the normal performance of reproductive organs.

The leucorrhea has a strong sterilization ability

Under normal circumstances, once foreign bacteria invade the vagina, it is killed by leucorrhea. Even if a few bacteria reach the deep part, they will be blocked by cervical mucus and annihilated.

Under normal circumstances, leucorrhea is acidic, and the acidic environment can inhibit the growth of abnormal bacteria and fungi.If the leucorrhea test is alkaline, it will cause bacterial growth, which may have bacterial vaginitis.

Leucorrhea is an indispensable lubricant in sexual life

Leucorrhea is an important assistant to promote human essence and eggs, protect the fetus, and complete the maternity task. It is an indispensable lubricant in men and women’s lives. It plays a vital role in completing sexual intercourse and enjoying sexual happiness in men and women.

Accompanied by sexual evolution, leucorrhea began to secrete and gradually increased, just like the workers added lubricating oil between the axis of the instrument and a shaft cover.

The vagina makes the vagina lubricated, avoiding the friction caused by "hard touch", and the discomfort or pain caused to women (men can also cause discomfort when the vagina is dry).

Vacus can reflect women’s health status

The changes in the aspects of leucorrhea, color, thickness, smell, etc. are often the clues to indicate whether the reproductive organs are lesions.

, If the amount of leucorrhea is increased, the appearance is basically similar to the normal leucorrhea, which is generally found after the application of estrogen drugs.Traditional Chinese medicine believes that this kind of leucorrhea can be seen.

绿 Vascular yellow or yellow -green, with odor, is mostly caused by trichomoniasis or purulent bacterial infections, such as trichomonas vaginitis, chronic cervicitis, and endometritis.

The leucorrhea is like tofu dregs or a creamy small pieces, which is unique to mold vaginitis and is often accompanied by vulvar itching.

味 味 味 ➍ ➍ ➍ ➍ ➍ ➍ ➍ ➍ ➍ ➍ ➍ ➍ ➍ ➍ ➍ ➍ ➍ ➍ ➍ ➍ The possibility of vicious tumors should be alert to such leucorrhea, such as cervical cancer and endometrial cancer.However, some benign lesions may also cause vaginal bleeding, such as cervical polyps, mucosal fibroids, etc., as well as side effects caused by the intrauterine nursery ring.

The yellow water -like leucorrhea appears, accompanied by evil odor, and bleeding, which is often caused by necrosis or degeneration of the lesion tissue. It often occurs in submucosal fibroids, cervical cancer, endometrial cancer, and fallopian tube cancer.

If the leucorrhea is abnormal, you should be vigilant and go to the hospital for a detailed gynecological examination in order to find out the cause for treatment in time.

The leucorrhea is periodic, which has a certain relationship with the estrogen hormone in the body.

Generally, in the ovulation period and early menstruation, vaginal secretions are more than usual due to the rise in female progesterone in the body. This is a normal physiological phenomenon. Just pay attention to hygiene and keep local drying.

What you said occasionally has bloody secretions or brown secretions. If it is ovulation, or after masturbation, it may fluctuate with estrogen hormones in the body, which causes a small amount of endometrium to fall off.It belongs to physiological phenomena and does not require special treatment.

If this happens frequently, and if you have sex, it is still recommended to go to a regular hospital first, a gynecological clinic to do a maternal examination (double clinic);Do the following examinations to be further confirmed:

1. You can take a routine test;

2. Do a B -ultrasound examination to eliminate the quality lesions of the uterus and ovarian;

3. Do a good job of record monitoring.Monitor the basal body temperature of a menstrual cycle and record each bleeding time. When the next time he takes a doctor, ask the doctor to evaluate the cause of bleeding.


Author of this article: Wang Furong (Deputy Chief Physician)

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