The left -behind wife suddenly became pregnant, but did not know who the child was.

“”As a man’s most unbearable, his wife is wearing a "green hat" for himself, but if you can really love this Kana in the past, it is true love?What would you choose if it was you?Zhang Mou and Luo have been married for fifteen years. The living conditions of two children have been having three children in their living conditions.At the time, Zhang would reunite with his family.

Two years ago, Luo went to Zhang to find him after he returned.However, the more troubles of Zhang Mou after giving birth to a child, because the appearance of the child is more and more like the landlord’s affairs, which has been lingering in Zhang’s heart, which has caused the couple to be very subtle, and it has reached the point of separation.

In fact, Zhang did not doubt his wife at first, and even the landlord Wang came to the door to ask his wife to be warm when he was warm.Until the child is getting bigger and bigger, Zhang found that whether the child has a cold and a fever, the landlord will always appear next to his wife and buy it for the child.This could not help but let Zhang Mouxin doubt that he went to the parent -child identification.

The landlord also signed an agreement with his wife, which means that the house where his wife lives will be given to her and a raising fee for his wife.Zhang is willing to live with his wife regardless of his suspicion. After all, it is not easy to have three children.The wife was very indifferent and began to complain about Zhang.

For so many years of marriage, husbands have not only paid for this family. Although they have made money outside, they have insufficient income to support the family, and the husband often drinks nothing.The most impressive thing is that when the thieves were recruited at home, her husband was not in the heart that he was afraid of checking every time when he returned home, and he could sleep with peace of mind.

Knowing this situation, Zhang also came back to the outside at night before returning.In the case of locking the door, he kicked and threatened his wife, which also brought psychological and physical trauma to his wife.After mediation, the husband felt that he was willing to change his life and write a guarantee, but his wife’s tough attitude continued to continue.

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