The lack of folic acid leads to the low ingenuity of the fetus. When is folic acid be eaten?how to eat?

In modern society, when mentioning pregnancy, the first consideration must be "supplement folic acid".Folic acid has inadvertently became a nutrient that everyone cares about.Why do you add?What are the consequences of not making up?How to replenish in life correctly?I would like to talk to you about "folic acid" in this article.

Folic acid belongs to a water -soluble B vitamin. Because it was extracted from the leaves at the earliest, it was called "folic acid".Folic acid participates in or affects the division and proliferation of cells, the synthesis of neuropathy, and the growth of human tissues.

It is not difficult to see from the concept that folic acid is particularly important to the body, and the harm is more serious.If pregnant women lack folic acid during pregnancy, the fetus is prone to develop defects, such as neural tube deformities, and the direct symptoms are spine bales and brainless children;In addition, the lack of folic acid can easily lead to problems such as delayed growth and development of fetus and obstacles; for pregnant women, it will also lead to dangers such as nutritional anemia and premature placenta during pregnancy.

The Chinese Nutrition Society recommends that pregnant women in my country must start to supplement folic acid from three months before preparing for pregnancy, and insist on replenishment until they are pregnant until delivery.

Folic acid is a relatively ordinary nutrients. It exists in a variety of animal and plant foods. Foods with high folic acid content are animal liver, beans, green leafy vegetables, and egg food.

Its biological utilization is not very high.In other words, if you simply want to rely on diet to supplement folic acid, but in fact, you can’t meet the needs of pregnant mothers, so you need to add extra folic acid supplements.

Pay attention to cooking food, retain folic acid to the maximum extent:

During the cooking process of food, you should try to save folic acid as much as possible and refuse folic acid loss.During the cooking process, it is best to choose "low temperature cooking" (stewed and stewed cold mixing). Reduce the heating time during the cooking process, and stir -fry quickly; it is best not to freeze and thaw food.

Pay attention to taking supplements:

Generally, there are two types of folic acid sold on the domestic market, one of which is the dose of 0.4 mg/tablet, that is, 400 micrograms/tablet, which is mainly taken for prospective mothers; the other dose is 5 mg/The film, this is mainly used to treat giant red blood cell anemia. When you buy it, you must first read it clearly. Please "right medicine".

In fact, as long as it is a normal diet, women can eat a piece of 0.4 mg/tablet to supplement their own needs in the pre -pregnancy and during pregnancy.In other words, if you want to add reasonable supplement, it is under the premise of normal meals, and then add a 0.4 mg of folic acid foamic acid; but in some special circumstances, such as folic acid is not tolerant and strenuous pregnancy, please, please basically based on the problems of foam acid, severe pregnancy vomiting, etc., please basically based onThe doctor recommends adjusting the dose and number of times appropriately.

Moreover, composite vitamins containing folic acid are generally more reliable than simply supplementing folic acid, and the prevention effect is better.

Many people have doubts that folic acid is so good, it is not possible to add more, but you should pay attention to that folic acid is water -soluble nutrients, and it is easy to discharge through urine and feces after metabolism.For folic acid, the safety limit of its intake is 1 mg.

A lot of folic acid intake can easily affect the absorption of mineral zinc. When the zinc element lacking of pregnant women, it is likely to cause the fetal development in the fetus to delay in the palace, and even deformed problems.

It is recommended that friends who prepare for pregnancy and pregnancy can go to the hospital to check the folic acid level and formulate dosage according to their own conditions to avoid harm.

The answer is yes. If the father lacks folic acid, the quality of the semen will also decrease. Therefore, if you want to have a healthy and thriving baby, Dad also needs to supplement folic acid.

Reasonably supplement folic acid, healthy baby, and your health, the science of your pregnancy and pregnancy.

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