The hot compress small abdomen not only has an uterus, but also accelerate weight loss!30 minutes a day is helpful

Hot compress is a lazy movement method, and it is also the most recommended home maintenance method in clinical treatment.In terms of gynecological conditioning, the main heat compress parts are the lower abdomen, the purpose is to strengthen the cycle of the uterus and pelvic cavity.

5 minutes each time, below the navel is the focus of hot compress

There are many tools for hot compresses. It is recommended to set warm and regular hot compresses.It is recommended to prepare a hot compress pad. If you have time every day, you can apply hot abdomen (where the belly belly below the belly button). For 5 minutes at a time, you feel that it is too hot to change the location (waist, back, and other sore parts). The total time is at least 30 minutes.

The number of hot compresses a day is not limited. The more the more, the better, especially when the menstruation comes, it can be strengthened to 1 hour. It should be noted that it is less recommended to apply a small abdomen after houses and pregnancy.

No matter how busy with work, don’t forget the adoption of the uterus!

Why should I apply a small abdomen?Girls have one organs in the pelvic cavity than boys, and that is the uterus.Every menstrual tide, the general menstrual blood volume is about 50 to 80cc.Healthy uterine contraction ability is good, and menstruation ends in 3 to 5 days, and most of the menstrual blood will also be discharged.

However, modern women have strong working skills, but they are busy with work, stressful pressure, sedentary long -standing, and poor diet, which often causes the phenomenon of ‘the more rushing the uterus, the rotten the uterus.’.Not only is the uterine function poor, irregular menstruation, but even gynecological diseases such as endometriosis and pre -menstrual syndrome.

When I was in the clinic, I often saw the husband and wife at the top of the pyramid. Life and career were proud, but the five -son Dengke was so bad, especially women, often needed to bear the strange vision and pressure of relatives and friends around me. It was really hard.This is the inherent unequal gender. Men must take good care of women and be a gentle and considerate gentleman.

Having said that, hot compresses are a good way to maintain the uterus. It can not only warm the uterus, but also promote the ability of circulation, enhance metabolism, strengthen muscle contraction, thereby maintaining reproductive functions and maintaining women’s health.

Hot compress is a lazy movement method to speed up slimming

Muscle has the function of heat production, and strengthening the muscle to help lose weight.The best way to enhance muscle function is exercise, and hot compress is a lazy movement method. Although it is not the same as exercise, it can still help restore muscle health and maintain a slim posture in the case of winning.

In addition, if a woman with Chinese medicine buried thread reduction, after the line is buried, you need to follow the texture of the muscle film to perform local massage, and the muscles will be tight. In addition, the effect of the sculpture curve will soon be quickly applied to the effect of the sculpture curve soon.come out.

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