The heart is really big!British women only found that she was pregnant 4 hours before giving birth, and she mistakenly thought that flatulence was mistaken.

Based on the United States "New York Post" and the British "Metro" reported that a woman found that she was pregnant 4 hours before giving birth, she was attending a party at the time.Earlier she mistakenly thought that she was just flatulence.

Screenshot of the British "Metro" report

The 25 -year -old Lorna Goodings has previously been convinced that she is just "flatulence". The doctor told her that her belly was bulging due to the subcutaneous burial contraceptive surgery.She even did pregnancy test in July. At that time, it was reasonable to be pregnant for 38 weeks, but the test results were negative.

On August 1st, Rona was shocked at the North Anton Comprehensive Hospital and found that she was pregnant. Four hours later, she gave birth to her daughter and weighed 8 pounds and 2 ounces. She was named Daphne Burdiak.

Rona said: "At that time, I was with my friends at a party, and my stomach hurt all day. The situation became very bad. My friends sent me to the hospital.It is giving birth. I can’t believe it. "

Rona Gutinus Say: Foreign Media

This is a surprise for Lonna and her boyfriend Nick Burdiak.Nick, a 42 -year -old, was a machine operator. Because he went out to play with his friends that night, he failed to catch up with his girlfriend.

"I didn’t even tell Nick, because I knew he had to drink too much and would not understand the current situation." Rona continued, "This brings a huge shock, but the baby Daphne is really great."

The partner has two daughters now, and Rona gave birth to Dafne’s sister Vivian in June 2020.

Rona said: "I underwent subcutaneous burial contraceptive surgery last October, but soon I felt that my physical condition was bad. I got a lot of weight. I thought it was the side effect of surgery, so I didn’t think much."

Rona went to see her doctor.She said: "Doctors told me that this may be just edema caused by contraceptive surgery. They told me to work hard to lose weight."

Then Rona began to die and exercise, forcing her to lose weight according to the doctor’s advice, but it was nothing to help.She said: "I often take a long walk and actively lose weight, hoping to relieve discomfort."

Rona even did a pregnancy test on the day of labor, but the results still showed negative.

"I hurt all day, and I really felt like a contraction, so I did pregnancy test, but the result was negative." She said, "But the pain is getting more and more serious, and I can hardly speak."

When her friends sent Rona to the hospital, the medical staff checked to determine that she was really pregnant.

Rona and Nick hold Daphne Thate: Foreign Media

Rona’s boyfriend Nick said: "This is a huge blow for us. Neither of us would expect such a thing, especially when we were very careful before. Fortunately, she was healthy and beautiful.It will be worse, we are very grateful. "

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