The hard work in October in October, it is likely to be destroyed by a teeth. The problem of teeth during pregnancy cannot be underestimated.

It is not a trivial matter when a tooth problem during pregnancy, it is best to do it before preparing.

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During pregnancy, it is a very difficult period for each pregnant mother. Not only has changes in many aspects such as diet, daily life, etc., but also pay attention to many small details, otherwise they may be harmed by accident.

For example, tooth problems during pregnancy.If you usually get inflammation of the gums, it is not a big deal to take a needle and take a medicine. It is okay to even severely pull the teeth, but it is not the same for pregnant women. The problem of dental problems during pregnancy is a big problem.

Yesterday, I was chatting in the group. A mother who was pregnant complained that everything was usually. This pregnancy problem came all.His wisdom teeth hurt once a few years ago. This is almost ten years. Now I am pregnant and it starts to hurt again.

After that, the pregnant mother also hesitated. In the end, she should use the medicine. Later, under the talk of everyone, she still gave up and decided to bear it. After all, the medication was too dangerous to the child.

Similar things happened before me. A few years ago, my aunt was more than a month of pregnancy, but I did not find it. Then I got my teeth because of the tooth problem.

Many people have found that as soon as it is pregnancy, tooth problems always find ways to come to the door, either inflammation or tooth decay, why is it so easy for pregnant mothers to have toothache?It is really a coincidence, but there is a certain physiological law.

1) Change of dietary preferences

The taste of expectant mothers will become very picky during pregnancy. Many Baoma prefers sweets or heavy foods. The consequences of eating these foods are to cause dental caries.

Coupled with many mother -in -law who do not like sports during pregnancy, they basically sleep too much, move less, saliva will reduce the secretion, greatly reduce the protection of the teeth, the plaque will be more serious, and the dental caries will be more serious.Tooth problems are easy to happen.

2) Increased calcium loss during pregnancy

During pregnancy, for the health of the fetus during pregnancy, the calcium in her body will be divided into most of the fetus, which will lead to different degrees of calcium deficiency in the expectant mother, and naturally it will also induce problems such as loose teeth and toothache.

The Chinese Nutrition Society recommends the daily calcium supply of pregnant women: 800mg in the early pregnancy, 1000mg in the second trimester, and 1200mg in the third trimester.Except for the calcium in food, most expectant mothers must add at least 600mg of element calcium a day.

3) Change of hormones in the body

Finally, the main reason is that hormones in expectant mothers during pregnancy will change significantly. This change will cause many problems, such as fat accumulation, thickening gums, and so on.

Among them, the harm caused by the thickening gums is also obvious. It is not only easy to cause inflammation and swelling, cause toothache, but also more likely to "hide dirt". Over time, dental caries, tooth decay, gingivitis, and periodontitis will come to the door.

Although the problems of caries, tooth decay, and gingivitis are usually the problem, it is not a small problem during pregnancy. If it is not treated in time, it will also become a big problem, which will affect the health of the pregnant mother and even the fetus.Once there are serious dental problems during pregnancy, you need to get tooth extraction to solve it. Bao Ma also needs to choose time. It is not appropriate to be in the early stages of pregnancy and the third trimester.Time.It is actually very inconvenient to deal with dental problems during pregnancy, so expectant mothers are best to know in their hearts, and try to deal with the tooth problems in the early stage of pregnancy.Especially tooth decay and wisdom teeth, you can have a good teeth after pregnancy to avoid problems.

In fact, whether for pregnancy or health, we should pay attention to our teeth, otherwise once it gives you "eye medicine" at a critical moment, it is really enough for you to drink a pot.

1) Brush your teeth at least twice a day

Speaking of brushing, many people will be lazy, and often brush only once a day, but in fact, the harm of plaque is much worse than you think.Therefore, brushing your teeth and brushing at least twice a day is a very necessary daily habit.

In addition to brushing twice in the morning and evening, you should also pay attention to the management of oral hygiene, such as rinse your mouth in time after meals or after eating snacks.

2) Wash your teeth 1-2 times a year

When it comes to washing teeth, many people feel that washing teeth will hurt their teeth. In fact, if you choose a general small shop to deal with your teeth, it will definitely cause tooth injury. Choose a regular dental hospital to deal with it.It will be much better.

It is necessary to wash your teeth 1-2 times a year. Not only can the plaque can be removed, but even the stubborn dental stones can be processed. After washing once, it feels like it can make you comfortable for a long time.

3) Do a good job of dental health examination

This can be carried out with the teeth. It is recommended to do at least twice a year after the tooth health examination. After all, the teeth have to be with us forever. It will be difficult for the teeth to not be delicious when the teeth are not delicious.

In particular, expectant mothers must do a good job of dental examination before preparing for pregnancy, discover the situation in time, and then prepare for pregnancy to be safer and easier.

4) Select a good toothbrush

In addition to the above preparations, "the work is good for good things must be benefited first." If you want to take good care of your teeth, good toothbrushes are also the key. For expectant mothers during pregnancy, electric toothbrushes are a very good choice.

It saves time and effort, and the effect is far beyond the effect of manual brushing.However, when choosing, you must pay attention to choose the big brand as soon as possible, so the effect and quality are guaranteed.

Finally, I recommend a very practical electric toothbrush, from domestic brands Shuke.Oral care has more than ten years of experience. This electric toothbrush is worth starting in both face value, performance and quality.

This toothbrush has a 5 -gear mode design, which can effectively clean the teeth and oral cavity. The effect is far more obvious than the manual toothbrush. At the same time, it does not lose nearly a thousand foreign brands.It is very suitable for users who use electric toothbrushes or teeth during pregnancy for the first time.

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