The girl was 17 -month -old at the age of 17, but she didn’t know it. Suddenly, there were more than 2 pounds of baby boy a baby boy surprising.

Most people are noticed for a few months of pregnancy, but some people are so big that they do n’t know if they are 8 months pregnant.This year’s Xiaowen was 17 years old. Because his home was in the countryside, his grades in school were not good, so he dropped out of school early and came to work outside.Last year, I introduced Xiaowen to know her boyfriend Xiao Li.The two quickly drunk in the ocean of love.After the people at home understand the situation, the two decided to get married, at the end of this year.

In mid -November, Xiaowen suddenly felt stomach pain at home. At the beginning, Xiaowen thought whether he had eaten too much and had a bad stomach.But after a while, I found that my lower body began to bleed slowly.Seeing this, Xiao Li immediately sent Xiaowen to the hospital.After a general understanding of the doctor, it is believed that this should be the symptoms that are about to give birth.

However, Xiaowen insisted that he was impossible. He did not have any symptoms of pregnancy. As a result, he was less than half an hour in the delivery room. Xiaowen gave birth to a two -pound little baby boy, which surprised Xiaowen.The baby immediately rescued the child. The little baby boy was fortunate to be rescued by the doctor’s rescue, and his breath was stable.

Afterwards, the doctor’s inquiry made Xiao Wen realize the backward consciousness.Xiaowen and her boyfriend had a relationship soon after they knew it. At that time, menstruation would come normally, but only a little bit of time every time.Because such a small text did not care much for a long time, I felt that this might be my own physical reasons, but I did not expect that I was pregnant.After a doctor’s investigation, Xiaowen’s pregnancy is a pregnancy bleeding during the low placenta.There was no detailed examination in the hospital, so Xiaowen only thought it was irregular menstruation.

However, for the small text of pregnancy, it is unfortunate to be unfortunately unfortunately given birth to the baby.No matter what, girls should always pay attention to their bodies. If they are abnormal, they should go to the hospital for examination in time. They can only say that Xiao Wen is really big, and she is so big that she does not know when she is pregnant!

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