The girl circle "weird phenomenon": "Jie Get Pregnancy" and "Come to Auntie", is it fate or coincidence?

In the impression of many people, there is a strange phenomenon in the girl circle: since childhood, it seems that everything likes to do everything together, "tie" to the toilet, not to mention shopping, even a few good girls, even the example leave, and even a holiday vacation.It may be "tie".

Many people don’t understand why girls like to "get together"?In fact, there are many things girls like to do together.

Not long ago, a company in Hunan said "sadly": "Is it popular for women to get pregnant? In 19 years, the company had four or five people who were pregnant. Now 21 years have just passed, and three or four people are pregnant."

Women are not a trend, but they are also likely to occur, but most of them appear among girlfriends, families, and colleagues. Why is this?Let’s take a look together!

Auntie Li was very happy recently. Everywhere she went, the people around me felt very strange. They asked Aunt Li if there was anything good at home recently.

Aunt Li heard the inquiries from others, and quickly said happily: "Because the daughter -in -law is pregnant, and the two daughter -in -law are pregnant, the due date is only 30 days.I get the name, very lively. "

It turned out that Aunt Li’s daughter -in -law and her daughter -in -law had almost the same time to marry into the door. When they first entered the door, the family was still joking. Whether the big daughter -in -law was pregnant first, or her daughter -in -law first became pregnant.However, I did not expect that the difference between the difference between this before and after, the daughter -in -law and the daughter -in -law were pregnant, which made Aunt Li’s family happy.

Aunt Li went on to say, "Actually, the big daughter -in -law was relatively followed by the problem of having a child, but when I saw the second daughter -in -law and herself entered the door, after so soon, I started to prepare for pregnancy., Da daughter -in -law also succeeded in having the baby. "

The people next to them were also infected by Aunt Li’s happiness. Aunt Li: "Do you want to hug his grandson or hold your granddaughter?"

Aunt Li said: "Whether the child is a man or a woman, he likes it. As long as the children and two daughters -in -law are peaceful and healthy, they will be satisfied."

Everyone has a good spirit. Since her daughter -in -law is pregnant, Aunt Li has become a lot cheer, and her body seems to have become more healthy in an instant.

Why do some women pregnant together to have children together?

For example: Many people know the husband and wife. In fact, the husband and wife are also because the husband and wife have been living together for a long time, which has caused the two to be very tacit. Both of the temperament have become very fit.The same is true above.

Even if the two women have no blood relationship, as long as they are good girlfriends, they often play together, go shopping together, and eat and drink together, then it is easy to get pregnant.

First of all, the rhythm of life is similar, and the phenomenon of "tie" is also easy to appear.

This is a bit like the husband and wife mentioned earlier. If several women are colleagues and have been staying in a company for a long time, their rhythm of life is very easy.This leads to their constitution gradually becoming consistent, and the schedule and sleep rules will become more similar.

These things will directly or indirectly affect the time for women’s holidays.We all know that the two are closely related to pregnancy, ovulation, and holidays.Therefore, the more similar or closer the female aunt is, the more likely they will become pregnant at the same time.

In addition, it may be because some mothers see their girlfriends or colleagues who are pregnant and have baby, and they are preparing to have a baby, which will also cause everyone to get close to the due date.

Many female friends have a Buddhist department or a little bit of awe of pregnancy, but when they see others are pregnant, they are still very happy and sweet. They will also change their original views and start to actively prepare for pregnancy.

In addition, if you see a few pregnant women playing together to play with the street, it does not necessarily mean that they are pregnant and pregnant. It is likely that everyone is pregnant and has a common topic and meets each other.

In fact, when women want their babies, they need to consider their physical conditions and family conditions. After all, pregnancy and having children are a big family.

Although it is said that it is a fate to get pregnant, but if a woman wants to have a baby out of the comparison and follow the trend, it is unnecessary.

Everyone’s family situation is different and physique is different. According to their own family situation, their own physique, and their family’s wishes, the time to choose the appropriate baby is the most important.Do not worry about your baby because you are pregnant. This mentality is not conducive to pregnancy.

If a woman feels unhappy with her mood during pregnancy or pregnancy, she can communicate with other pregnant women to resolve her inner depression and help them relax their mindset.Only in this way is it more conducive to the success of the mothers during pregnancy and the smooth production of mothers during pregnancy.

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