The first "Angel Cup" winning team 丨 "warm gift" from the delivery room

"Wow–" With a crispy cry, "baby" came out."Where is this? I’m so cold!" "I miss my mother!" "Nursing aunt, have you forgotten to cut my umbilical cord? I have been born, I don’t need it anymore."

"Extending the time to break the umbilicus can prevent the baby from having anemia during the newborn stage."

On April 26, this scenario drama performed by six medical staff at the Beijing Maternity and Gynecology Hospital Nursing Team Affiliated to the Capital Medical University, which reproduced the scene of baby childbirth in pregnant women in the delivery room and introduced "Eenc" (that is, early basic health care for newborn)Work.This episode of lectures, videos, and role -playing, etc., won the first prize in the first Beijing Medical Institution "Angel Cup" Youth Nurse Health Education Theme Competition.

Six medical staff who participated in the competition came from six different departments. There were 20 -year -old midwifers in the delivery room. There were nurses of specialized ward and male interns from obstetrics."The lines are all from our normal work." They perform the story of the delivery room and the story they are experiencing every day.

On April 26, the scenario of the six medical staff of the Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital’s Nursing Team reproduced the scene of baby childbirth in the delivery room and introduced the work of "EENC".Interviewee confession

"Every day is greeting a new life"

On the morning of May 8th, Nori Ruixue, who played "Mom" in the scene drama, just walked to the door of the delivery room. A pregnant woman dragged her hand. "Do you remember me? 10 days ago I went to your midwife.Outpatient, see you here, I am particularly assured. "

"Pregnant women will be nervous before childbirth. I have communicated with her before. She knows me, and she is more at ease when I give birth." Ren Ruixue, 40 years old, has been working for 20 years.Professional, from the internship period in the delivery room, until now.

She still remembers that she entered the delivery room for the first time. When the mother was working hard, she cheered on the side. "We can’t help her to do it."

Even though Ren Ruixue has seen the knowledge about maternal delivery through images or books, but when a child was born in front of her, her tears flowed down all of a sudden.","

After returning home that day, she told her mother, "You are too difficult."

Shi Weimiao, the supervisor of the first department of the Beijing Maternal and Gynecology Hospital, is taking care of the mother.Interviewee confession

Until she gave birth to a child, her colleague who helped her give birth to her asked her, "How do you have the blood pressure?" Even if he had more than ten years of childbirth experience, he really waited for Ren Ruixue to lie in the delivery room. "It still feels different."

After the child was born, the child was next to her with one eye closed with one eye, a small one, "there was no Eenc project at that time. The child was lying next to me after getting dressed.After temperature, I could feel her beside me. I thought at the time, I was going to feed her. "

Song Yizhe, who plays "baby", is a obstetric intern who is still studying. He is 26 years old and wears black -frame glasses.The first time he entered the delivery room was still in the undergraduate stage. He described the shock of that experience, no less than the college entrance examination."It’s hard to imagine how a thin mother gave birth to a child of seven pounds."

During the undergraduate period, Song Yizhe decided to enter the obstetrics in the future. He felt that he was more sensitive and sometimes it was difficult to bear sorrow. "In obstetrics, I greet new life every day, and my own life is full of sunshine every day."

As of now, more than 5,000 newborns have been born in Beijing Maternal and Gynecology Hospital this year. "We believe you." It was the one that Song Yizhe heard that pregnant women and family members said the most.And Song Yizhe is also thinking about how to have more humanistic care so that the maternal is not painful, so that the mother will give birth in a more comfortable environment.

Li Xue and neonatal and neonatal parents of the special -demand ward of the Department of Medicine of Beijing Maternal and Gynecology Hospital are together.Interviewee confession

More humane delivery room

Ren Ruixue witnessed the changes in the delivery room.She still remembers that when she was a maternal scholar, there was a card with a card in the delivery room.When the maternal is ready to give birth, it is soothing light music, and when it is to work hard, she will be very dynamic and very strong.

At present, there are many non -drug analgesic measures in the delivery room, aromatherapy, yoga balls, and free positions."From what posture we ask for maternal giving birth, to what posture of maternal (more energy), it is more humane."

According to Li Yue, the head nurse and deputy director of the specialized ward of the Ministry of Medicine, Eenc is actually a more humane technology.In the past, when the child was born, the medical staff took it aside to wipe and weighed it. Many mothers would unconsciously look at the child, and some even sat up directly.Now, in the case of assessing the safety of children and mothers, midwives let the child lie on the mother and have a skin contact.

"EENC actually includes the entire process of normative production inspections and delivery, and the care after childbirth. It is a continuous project." Li Yue introduced that this project began in 2016 in the Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital. In 2019, 2019It is widely carried out in the hospital.

Li Yue introduced Eenc to the mother and family.Interviewee confession

In the scenario, the "baby" snuggled in the "mother "’s arms, closely posted with" mother ", and" dad "looked at the" baby "on the side."Mom, with your first hug, I already feel more warm." This tender moment is medical knowledge in the eyes of midwifers -after childbirth, newborns and mothers should have a 90 -minute skin directly contact.It helps babies to obtain protective microorganisms.Moms will also produce maternal love and prolactin.

In the scenario, the "baby" just born spoke openly, "We let the child feel the feeling of his just birth, exposure to the benefits of using EENC, and more intuitive." For exampleThe temperature of the body surface is maintained at 36.5 ° C. The temperature of the delivery room is higher than the temperature of the general operating room. It is 26 ~ 28 ° C, but even so, the "baby" will still feel cold after birth.It’s much better, "Li Yue introduced.

The name of this scenario is called "Warm Gift". Li Yue feels that these microorganisms of microbial protected from the child are his gift to the child; and the child is lying on the mother, and it is a gift for the mother.

Sun Xueshuang, a nursing department of Beijing Maternal and Gynecology Hospital, introduced the postpartum care knowledge to the mother.Interviewee confession

"A better way"

Li Yue recalled that at first received a notice from participating in the competition. They originally wanted to talk about breastfeeding, but considering that there were more people who knew breastfeeding, "we want to introduce some knowledge that ordinary people do not know. For example, many people will worry about it.The newborn child is lying on his mother, will it be too dirty? Will it slip? "

According to Li Yue, in fact, there will be a nurse in the delivery room to be responsible for the safety of this.

From the beginning of the competition, they have received the support of the chairman of the Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital Union. The six medical staff participating in the competition are from six different departments. In addition to the above Li Yue, Ren Ruixue and Song Yizhe, they also include circumference.Li Xue, a specialized ward of the Ministry of Production and Medicine, and Shi Weizi, the head of the Maternitarian Department, Sun Xueshuang, and Physician Li Jiu.The hospital union helps coordinate, so that the participating projects have been carried out from planning, rehearsal to performance.

When rehearsals in the early stage, they are still constantly adjusting their lines, "I hope it can be better expressed."

After the child was exposed to the mother’s skin, the "baby" said, "After the bacteria that contact my mother, I can also build a normal intestinal flora." But considering that many non -medical workers will feel that bacteria are dirtyThings, they changed to "microorganisms", "because the range of microorganisms is relatively wide, there are not many ambiguity, and it is easier to accept."

Song Yizhe felt that after participating in the competition, he understood the importance of science popularization, "make the public be more happy to accept this matter."

Many people contacted Li Yue after the game, and communicated with her nursing knowledge of maternal and newborn. Some hospitals also wanted their performance videos to say that they would go back to learn.More importantly, more people have learned Eenc. "

On April 26, the Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecological Hospital Nursing Team won the first prize in the first Beijing Medical Institution "Angel Cup" Youth Nurse Health Education theme competition.Interviewee confession

Now, when the people in the hospital see Song Yizhe, their name to him has changed from "Dr. Song" to "Boy".For a few months in the delivery room, Song Yanzhe felt that in addition to learning professional knowledge, he also learned how to communicate with pregnant women and his family members, and told professional knowledge to pregnant women in a better way so that they could understand.

Song Yizhe likes to play an example. The uterus is a "house", the child is the "resident" in the uterus. The process of opening the door lock is part of the cervix mature.After the door opened, he contracted hard and pushed the child out, and the child was born smoothly.

On the day of the interview on May 8th, it was the day of Song Yizhe’s graduation thesis defense, and he was about to end the internship period.Song Yizhe said that he will return to his hometown in the northeast and continue to be an obstetrician and gynecologist. "You need a doctor of obstetrics everywhere. I hope to bring back the knowledge he has learned in Beijing and communicate with the medical staff of his hometown of obstetrics.There are different fireworks. "

Beijing News reporter Chen Yajie Editor Yuan Guoli School opposite Zhao Lin

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