The fertility allowance of fertility in different places has taken this way

Recently, many people are asking for fertility in different places to record in advance?We should receive the maternity allowance, and give you a summary here:

Those who have children in different places do not need to record in advance. They need to go to the medical insurance department of the Social Security Bureau in advance before fertility.After you are discharged from your fertility, you can pay the relevant information of this table and maternity insurance reimbursement to the medical insurance department of the participating place.

(1) Maternity medical treatment

Payment item

(1) Medical expenses incurred by employees due to the implementation of family planning surgery (removed) internal fertility sap, flow production, quotation, sterilization and sterilization surgery, etc. If the scope of payment of maternity insurance funds, the maternity insuranceFund payment.

(2) Female employees’ family planning during pregnancy and during childbirth, diagnostic fees, examination fees, treatment fees, inspection fees, receiving fees, surgery, hospital expenses and medication expenses in pregnancy and fees in pregnancy and fertility occurredThe scope is paid by the maternity insurance fund.

(2) Fertility allowance

1. Development standard

Female employees planned or planned for maternity allowances in the planned or planned in -plan pregnancy.The maternity allowance was divided into 30 wages of the monthly salary base of maternity insurance in the year (or last month). As a maternity allowance to be included in one day, it was performed according to the number of days corresponding to the day.

(1) The birth of fertility is 90 days, and the increase in late childbirth will increase for 60 days; the increase in dystocia for 15 days; the babies of multiple births will increase for 15 days;

(2) For more than 4 months of pregnancy, preferred or dead childs are 42 days; the abortion of abortion for less than 4 months of pregnancy is 15 to 30 days.

2. Payment (application) method

(1) Social distribution of fertility allowances.

(2) Insurance employees shall, the next month after childbirth, or flow, and induction of labor.(Female employees plan internal flow and induction of labor shall also hold materials such as "Qingdao Urban Workers’ Family Planning Surgery Certificate" issued by the unit at the same time), and apply for maternity allowances at the social insurance work agency in accordance with social insurance work management authority.

(3) Social insurance agencies shall make maternity allowances to receive deposit forms within 7 days from the date of applying for fertility allowances.Among them, employees of enterprise units are distributed by social labor insurance agencies, and employees of institutions and institutions shall be distributed by institutions of institutions.

Precautions for maternity insurance reimbursement

1. Calculation of maternity allowances

Maternity allowance = Female employee’s own fertility of the monthly payment base/30*Number of maternity leave days (the calculation results are four houses and five entry into points)

2. Number of maternity leave days: Normal maternity leave days are 90 days; if the dystocia increases by 15 days, each babies of multiple births increase by 15 days, and the reward leave for late childbirth is calculated at 30 days;

3. If the female employees who participate in maternity insurance have pregnancy and abortion, the "Medical Diagnostic Certificate" should be stated that the number of pregnancy weeks is less than 12 weeks of pregnancy (including).) Maternal leave within) is 30 days; maternity leave within 16 weeks and 28 weeks (inclusive) is 42 days; the normally maternity leave of pregnancy is terminated for 90 days for the termination of pregnancy over 28 weeks of pregnancy.

Affiliated table:

Application for maternity insurance for employees in Xinzheng City

company name:

Unit number:



Due date



ID number

family address

contact number

Apply for a different place


Apply for different places

Health care institution












Medical institution name

Hospital level

Medical institution address

Postal code

Sure in maternity insurance fixed -point medical institutions


Contact person

contact number



Opinions of the insured unit

Opinions of maternity insurance agencies in different places

Approval Opinions of the New Zheng City Maternity Insurance Insurance:

I agree to give birth to the provincial and municipal (county) hospitals. Please go to our bureau to go through the settlement of maternity insurance benefits within three months of discharge.

year month day

Note: 1. This table is in two copies. The application unit or applicant brings his ID card and maternity certificate to submit maternity insurance sections for filing;Card, marriage certificate, fertility certificate, baby birth (death) certificate of the original and photocopy; review and reimbursement

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