The female cat gave birth to 5 kittens at the end.

Speaking of TV series, I do n’t know which type of favorite one, let ’s take the veterinarian Xiaoming, and I prefer suspense and terrorist categories. Just recently, there is a good movie to recommend it to everyone.Out, the word of mouth is good.

Why do you get a suspense drama without end? Because some shoveling officers always like to loose pets, there will be some female cats and dogs who accidentally get pregnant when they go out. There are many uncertain factors that have been born.Who is the dad who can not be inferred, let’s take a look at the little interesting things in the netizen’s house below. Let’s analyze it.

The shoveling officer had a white cat at home. Because it was more reassuring, it was a state of reassuring for most of the time.But this leads to a problem. During the estrus, the shovel officer did not limit its freedom, so the white cat was unexpectedly pregnant.Originally, the shovel officials thought, this is all fate, no matter what they look like, they can be acceptable.

But as the white cat’s belly became bigger and bigger, it finally produced 5 cubs one day, but the shoveling officer was confused when he saw these cubs, and immediately said: Who is the child’s father?This case is a bit complicated.

It turns out that there is only one cub born with a cat as the same color. The others are either black cats or cows and cats. There is actually a raccoon cat!This can’t help but make people want to enter the right. Are these cubs still with their mother -in -law?

The veterinarian Xiaoming couldn’t help laughing when he saw these five kittens: the consequences of free love.But looking at these little things is still cute, I hope the shovel officer can treat them well.

In fact, many pet owners will not care about the varieties of cats and dogs. They feel that they are the same cute. Veterinary Xiaoming thinks that this is the real pet. If you only buy them because of pets and prices.People are just out of the minds of comparison, not really like them.

So it is easy to explain, why the variety pets are different from our pastoral pets. In the eyes of some people, the lives of small soil dogs and small cats are as worthless as grass and mustard.Vaccine and deworming, are you all equal?

The veterinarian Xiaoming hopes that everyone should not wear colored glasses to look at anyone or things whether in life or work. In fact, everyone is equal, and there is no distinction between high and low.

Veterinary Xiao Ming science: After the female cat is pregnant, it does not need to be too much to supplement nutrition. Otherwise, too much nutrients will lead to too much fetus and difficulty in giving birth. Conditional shovel officers can bring them to do before they produce to do it to do it before production.Physical examination.

After the female cat produces, the shoveling officer can prepare some fish soup for the female cat. In addition, the kittens are more afraid of cold, and they should do a good job of keeping warm for them.It is recommended that the shoveling officer not to touch the cat cub too much. On the one hand, the female cat may be moody at this time, and the behavior of hurting people will appear.Abandoned.

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