The father -in -law married the baby to the mother -in -law’s house, but was asked to be ligated. After 15 years, the mother -in -law became pregnant

I have been married to my husband for 5 years, and my stomach has never moved.

My mother -in -law, my stomach became bigger every day.When the family planned in the early years, the father -in -law made a ligation and knew that after the mother -in -law did not know who had the seed, he shouted every day to divorce her.

The mother -in -law was very calm, while stroking her slightly bulging belly, and said to me, "Xiao Wei, you are ready, and in a few months to serve my confinement."


I am married to Ahong, mainly a matchmaker made by his mother.

At that time, I gave people milk tea in the milk tea shop. I went to work for 12 hours a day. Sometimes I couldn’t keep up with lunch.

At that time, I especially wanted to get a blind date and hurry to find someone to marry.

One day, Ahong’s mother came to our shop to take a glass of cheese bobo milk tea, hot, and five -pointer.At that time, because she was replenishing, she waited a little.

While this empty, I quietly looked at the woman.Looks like the age of 40, the nails are scarlet, the figure is well maintained, and the front and back are raised, with a faint fragrance on the body.

Just when I glanced up and down her, the woman also found me on the side, and she was idle anyway, and she talked to me: "Little girl, how much money do you work here every day?"

I shrugged and said, "Few, two or three thousand dollars, I have a rest for a few days."

Seeing that I was not very satisfied with this job, she took out a business card from her Russian leather bag: "Well, come to me, I will introduce you to work to ensure that you do n’t have to worry in the second half of your life."

I took the business card I delivered with the ** pet beauty center, and I knew that the pet shop was opened in front of me.

But when I was young, I was bitten by a dog, so I waved my hand at her: "I’m afraid of the dog, I am afraid of everything with hair, I am afraid that it will bite me."

At this time, the woman took off her sunglasses straight and looked at me: "You are not afraid of people? People bite you, you don’t know."

The moment I saw her eyes, I was stunned, and her pupils were shrinking.


The woman took her milk tea and left, and I turned around and found that she put her wallet on the front desk.

When I was about to chase with my wallet, a tall boy suddenly rushed up from the side and hit me full.When I saw it, I found that the boy was 180 high, wearing camel coats, a gentleman.

Before I opened my mouth, he said, "This wallet is my mother, I will take it for her."

I feel weird. One of them disappeared for two minutes, and the other came out to claim. Is it a liar?I naturally didn’t believe it, so I waved his hand: "Sir, you let the owner himself claim it yourself, who knows if you are her son."

The more I look, the less likely. The woman is at most 40 years old, and the man in front of him is 30.The boy saw me so persistent, so he took out his cell phone from his arms and said, "Then I will call my mother now, can you watch it well?"

In desperation, I can only nod.

After the video was opened, I saw the woman just now. Seeing me, I said hello to me: "Little girl, I’m sorry, I just walked anxiously, please give me my wallet to my son, thank youah."

She spoke many tone words, and suddenly felt that the woman was pretentious, and quickly stuffed her wallet to her son.

I thought that her son would leave, and he would leave. I didn’t expect that he wanted to add my WeChat and said that I would wait for me to rest all day and ask me to have a meal.

You can add the handsome guy’s WeChat, and I naturally say.


Who knows that after adding a handsome guy, except knowing his name is A Hong, we never talked again.

Just as I was about to forget this, he actually asked me: "I remember you seem to have said a rest tomorrow, then I will pick you up tomorrow morning, can I?"

I quickly responded to OK and sent him the positioning of his residence.

I picked my clothes all night that night. The next morning, a Maybach appeared downstairs in my community, causing neighbors to stop.

Ahong is a very gentleman boy. After seeing me, he took the initiative to open the door for me.I grew up so big, and for the first time, I left under the gaze of so many vision, and I was at a loss.Ahong saw my embarrassment, and softly comforted me and said, "Don’t be nervous, you will get used to it in the future."

I didn’t understand what he meant at the time, I knew it later.

Because under the offensive of Ahong, we got married.

I naturally need not say more about my parents. When I saw me marrying such a handsome man, they praised it again and again, and they were not satisfied.

On the side of Ahong’s parents, the father -in -law was a weird person, but her mother -in -law was very enthusiastic. On the day of her wedding, in front of all guests, she pulled my hand and said, "Little Wei, you marry, you just have to marry.My daughter. "


I originally thought that when I got married, it was the beginning of a happy life, but after a series of strange things happened, I realized that this was a conspiracy.

He usually does not come back. He has his own restaurant to operate.Occasionally, when he came back once, the mother -in -law would dislike him and bring him back.So the father -in -law can only go home every time, take a bath first, and dare to come out after changing the clothes.

The two were married, and the father -in -law and ex -wife gave birth to Ahong.The ex -wife ran with people when Ahong was 12 years old, and the father -in -law led Ahong to open a stall on the street.

Occasionally, I was passed by by my mother -in -law, and immediately decided to marry the father -in -law, and asked the father -in -law to "marry" in the form of an aggressive.

There are two conditions, the father -in -law ligated, and Ah Hong changed his surname.

At that time, the father -in -law had no choice but to look at the young and beautiful woman in front of him, and married in the one without saying a word.

Sure enough, after the father -in -law got married, he was all good -wine and meat. Although the mother -in -law was 15 years younger than him, he was also guests.

This kind of life is about 7 years. After waking up in the morning, my mother -in -law ordered that the father -in -law moved to the next house to sleep.

Since then, the two have not slept together again.


Originally thought that this was a matter of elders, and I still care about so much.The relationship between the in -laws is not good, as long as the relationship between her husband and wife is harmonious.

Thinking of Ahong’s performance at night, I couldn’t help blushing.

I thought about giving birth to a half -daughter to Ahong, and I would help take care of myself.

But every time Ahong hear this, I comforted me and said, "Don’t worry, don’t you want to have a two -person world with me for a few years?"

I was attached to him and should take care of it.

But one year, two years, and four years, and my belly still had no movement.Sometimes I wonder if there is something wrong with myself, but Ahong and my mother -in -law comforted me, saying, "It’s okay, it depends on the fate.

But the father -in -law’s expression was intriguing, and he wanted to say anything, but he couldn’t say.

I know he must know the secrets of the family, so once, I went out while everyone went out. I went to my father -in -law’s restaurant and wanted to talk to him alone.


Seeing my visit, my father -in -law was very enthusiastic and opened a box for me alone to let me order meals at will.

I opened the menu and looked at it. Then I knew that the father -in -law’s restaurant was actually doing dog meat business.Dogs were banned outside, and he was sneaking in selling dog meat.

Seeing that I was hesitant, my father -in -law would not force me and said, "You must not be used to it, but many people want to eat."

At this time, I couldn’t care about eating anymore. I just explained my intention and wanted to know what happened to our home now.

After hearing the purpose of my trip, a panic flashed on the father’s face. He quickly laughed: "Little Wei, do you think a bit more, the family is very good, but sometimes I have a relationship with Ahong’s mother.It’s so good, don’t think about it. "

Seeing that my father -in -law was unwilling to answer my question, I could only ask about his words: "I can understand why you and my mother -in -law are not related? I heard that you have always been good before."

The father -in -law did not say a bit, and his face was a bit unsightly: "The marriage time is long, this is normal, it may be because I am older."

When I heard this, I suddenly thought, no, my father -in -law couldn’t satisfy my mother -in -law.

When he saw me silent, he immediately proposed: "Otherwise, you go out and disperse. During this time, your mental pressure is too great. Going out and walking may help relax."

I also think it should be like this, forcing myself to be too tight.

When I went back at night, I told Ahong about my plan to go out for a few days. He agreed immediately without saying a word, and proposed to send me to the airport.After I heard me said that after seeing my father -in -law during the day, he suddenly became cold again and asked me, "What are you going to do for him?"

This is the first time I have heard such a voice like Ahong for so many years, and quickly said, "No, I just think for so many years, and I haven’t seen your dad’s restaurant for so many years.

He had no expression, and said coldly, "Don’t go next time."


But no one expected that when I returned from Thailand, my mother -in -law told me that she was pregnant.

My mother -in -law is only 45 years old, and natural conception is very likely.But the key is that my father -in -law has been ligated for a long time, so who is the child in her belly?

It is estimated that I have seen my doubts. My mother -in -law put on a bright red finger: "Little Wei, you don’t care about anyone, and help me bring it.","

Ah Hong saw that I said nothing and reached my elbow, and said, "Jihong is talking to you."

He actually called her mother -in -law directly?I turned to look at Ahong and found that he was staring at the mother -in -law’s belly, laughing.


When I was sleeping at night, I kept turning over the bed and couldn’t sleep.Ahong has an entertainment, saying that it will be very late to come back.

Thinking of the day of the day, I got dressed and prepared to go out to see it.

When I walked to my mother -in -law’s room, I found that the door of the room was hidden. Someone was whispering and approached, only to find out that the father -in -law didn’t know when it was back.I saw him roar in a low voice: "What do you do, I don’t care what you do, now I have the child. What are the meaning of my grandpa or dad?"

When I heard this, my head "buzzed" and almost called out.In order to prevent me from crying, I quickly covered my mouth with my hands.

The mother -in -law was still calm as always. She was lying on the sofa, wearing a loose nightdress, and the ketone body was looming: "You have known this, so will we have children sooner or later?"

"But you can’t hurt others, what is she!" The father -in -law’s face had flushed.

"What? For so many years, I have been delicious and delicious for her, and give me half of Ahong. She has picked up the big cheap. When you got it, you would be married. Do you think I looked at you?Wake up, in fact, my son and I have been in private for a long time. If you want you, you just give him face. "The words of my mother -in -law were like five thunder.

I understand this all. For a long time, I am just the puppet in front of them.

Even the father -in -law was buried their happiness for their docile love.

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