The epidemic is severe. Are there any people in the Mainland smuggling "pregnant women" to go to Hong Kong to test the gender of fetus?

On April 20, the Hong Kong Customs seized about 1,500 suspected smuggling blood samples on a van in the Wenjin -Canda Control Station. The 58 -year -old male truck driver assisted the investigation.

The Hong Kong Customs seized about 1,500 suspected smuggling blood samples at the Wenjin Du control station on April 20.The sample of smuggling blood samples seized.(Picture of the News Office of the SAR Government)

It is reported that among the 550 boxes of goods that have been declared on the entry truck, the customs found that two of the foaming box collected a batch of blood samples suspected to be unpopular. The samples suspected to have been transferred to the Department of Health to follow up.

The Mainland government is strictly forbidden to identify the sex of the fetus. Therefore, before the epidemic, many intermediary companies have followed the blood of smuggling pregnant women to come to Hong Kong to identify the sex of the fetus.

Pregnant women only need to express their blood to Shenzhen, without having to come to Hong Kong in person, some people help them to smuggle blood from Shenzhen to Hong Kong for testing, and the next day they know the sex of the fetus.

Related intermediaries in Hong Kong claim that seven weeks of pregnancy can be known that the fetus is male or female, and the fetus is "no injury" (the injury of the fetal is not so great).

There are also intermediaries: "the safest, most scientific, most authoritative" and other words to attract business, with a charging of 4000-5000 at a time.

Before the epidemic, when the ports of Shenzhen and Hong Kong could flow normally, this phenomenon was repeatedly banned.

In July 2017, Shenzhen Huanggang Customs seized 4 passengers to carry the outbound case of blood preparations carried by the mother DNA blood test, and a total of 262 "pregnant women" were seized.Some people involved deliberately hid the blood test tubes on the chest and tried to avoid supervision.

On June 30, 2018, a Hong Kong woman passed the Shatoujiao port and plans to return to Hong Kong from Shenzhen. She was found by Shenzhen Customs with 38 pregnant women with blood.

In March 2019, when a 12 -year -old female student entered Hong Kong from Luohu Customs, it was revealed that there were 142 packs of blood samples in the schoolbag.

During the interrogation process, most of the people involved acknowledged that they had collected a "labor expenses" of about 100-400 yuan (RMB).

It was just that Xiaobian never expected that since the epidemic occurred, in the Mainland and Hong Kong, it was frozen with Hong Kong, and the freight quarantine of Shenzhen and Hong Kong was becoming more stringent, and this business still existed.

The blood of the Mainland entered Hong Kong through smuggling, and then was tested by the Hong Kong Local Laboratory Institute.The blood samples that are unknown and have no Hong Kong doctors have infectious diseases, and whether they will be contaminated with infectious diseases in Hong Kong in Hong Kong.

Therefore, this behavior is particularly dangerous under the epidemic.

According to the "Prevention and Control of Diseases" in Hong Kong, anyone input is reasonable to suspect any excrement, secretions, blood or blood components containing infectious pathogens, and must provide a written allowance of the Department of Health.The packaging of immigration items must meet the requirements of the World Health Organization. Once the offenders are convicted, they may be fined up to HK $ 5,000 and imprisoned for two months.

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