The elderly mother is very hard, and the husband and wife are prepared for 4 preparations to be responsible for themselves and their children

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In recent years, the number of pregnant women has increased. Some people are fighting for the second child, and some people have been married late, or they have been married for many years.

Everyone knows that there is a certain danger of an elderly pregnant woman, but there is a reason for everyone to make a choice. The last husband and wife will feel successful if they are pregnant.

Most people are not optimistic about the elderly maternal maternal, and think that this is not responsible for themselves and their children, but from the perspective of these women, it can be understood.

Ms. Wang had been working hard in her studies and career earlier in the early years. She chose to get married when she was 35 years old. Originally, she thought that she had time to have children after getting married. However, she did not expect that she could not get pregnant.

At first she didn’t care too much, and felt that it was natural to let it go, but watching more than three years passed, there was still no movement, and her husband and family began to worry.

Ms. Wang was also anxious. She was 40 years old and she was a real old woman. So she and her husband went to the hospital to check her body again. After returning to pregnancy, she finally conceived her baby for more than half a year.

She had a serious pregnancy response throughout pregnancy, and her body and psychology were under great pressure.In order to make children develop well, the inspection should not be less and adjust their living conditions.

At the age of 40, she gave birth to her son. After her child was born, she was healthy and cute. Although she was too difficult to get pregnant, the ending was very complete.

There are not a few people who are produced by old age. The 40 -year -old child like Ms. Wang is not old.

Before, there was a 60 -year -old mother who had a twin. She lost her only child in her later years. It was also a helpless choice to adventure again.

Other people may be because they are fighting for their children, or they leave their children when they are accidentally conceived. They all have the right to be a mother, but the risk of giving birth to children in old age must also be understood.

Elderly pregnant women are challenging for women and fetuses. If they can achieve the following points, they are responsible for themselves and their children.

1) Do a good job of examination, health care for pregnancy and pregnancy

If you are planning to be pregnant, you must check it before and during pregnancy to see if you are suitable for giving birth to your baby.And ensure that the couple quit bad habits during pregnancy, do not contact harmful substances, and lay a good foundation when preparing for pregnancy.

At the same time, the checkup should not be dropped. To understand the fetal development and their own status at any time, only if you are healthy by yourself and your child, it is responsible.

2) Keep a positive attitude

The greater the physical fitness, the better than before. In addition, the pregnancy reaction during pregnancy will make women stress and it is easy to think too much. However, the anxiety of anxiety during pregnancy will be felt, which is not conducive to the mental health of pregnant women.

Women who are always very embarrassed during pregnancy are more likely to suffer from depression after delivery, so people around pregnant women should care about her.

3) Be careful to do housework

Elderly pregnant women are more careful than pregnant women. They usually do housework to avoid raising heavy objects and bending. It is dangerous to stand for a long time.Do n’t try to have difficulty housework if you have good physical fitness, which requires people around the pregnant woman to do some.

4) Consider the future living environment of the child

The reason why everyone is not optimistic about the elderly maternal maternity is also the pressure of life besides age.

Those families who are not wealthy, fight for a second child in the age of age, must consider whether some children can raise their children and give him a good growth environment.

It is irresponsible to give children a good future just to give birth to children only for their own wishes.

Tuanzi mother’s heart:

It is really not easy to bred life. Choosing a woman to produce older production should consider a lot of conditions, so that it is responsible for themselves and children.

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