The dying bag under the peony flowers, one time it was packed for 14 hours to give life, is it addictive?

There are always a lot of strange phenomena in nature. For example, after the mantis is over, the mother praying mantis swallow the male praying mantis.A kind of animal that is similar to the appearance of a scientist is similar to that of a mouse, but there are bags that are bags -bags.During the mating process, this animal does not hesitate to complete his life to complete the heavy responsibility of breeding offspring.

Seeing bags for the first time, maybe you can’t help but say, "Is this clearly a mouse?" In fact, it is a mammal with a bag.The average length of bags reached about 12 cm, and the male bag weighing is about 70 grams.In the daytime, Puppet likes to hiding in dense trees or in other corners, sleeping leisurely or staying in other corners, and only when the night comes at night, it will come out to act for food.

For bags, they are mainly insects and other. When they find any food, they will capture birds.Throughout the year, I only eat some excess foods that I have reserved before.The breeding season of female bags is in winter. Generally, it is about 36 days of pregnancy, and about 8 cubs will be produced each time.When the bag is 8 months, it is completely mature and can be hunt by himself to get rid of his mother to feed.

Is it a group of live animals?In fact, it is not. In the process of reproduction and breastfeeding, we will have communication and interaction with each other. At other times, bags live alone.Don’t look at the short volume of the bag, but what they are best at is climbing trees.Especially some towering trees, bags can be run quickly on it, and the fruits on each tree will not be let go.The seemingly inconspicuous small bags have dedicated their lives to the heavy task of breeding offspring.

During the breeding and mating season, the mating time for the puppet for up to 14 hours. In the process of hey hey, it is not full of crazy joy. As time consumes longer, the physical strength of the male puppets also begins to appear gradually gradually appearing gradually gradually appearing.Downward trend.At the beginning, it would only drop some fur. After that, I would not eat or drink, I was sleepy, and the immune system collapsed, bleeding in the body, and finally left the world.It can be said that the male puppets have devoted their lifelong energy to the heavy responsibility of mating and breeding in Spring Festival, and finally lost their lives and died.This also indirectly proves that there is no farming ground, only a tired cow!

Every year, a large number of male bags will die after the breeding season.In order to clarify this reason, scientific researchers analyzed high testosterone hormones in the body of the male bags before entering the breeding period.This testosterone can promote all the energy in the bodies to prepare for the mating process.For example, in the process of driving in the highway, if you want to reach your destination quickly, we need to continuously increase the horsepower and speed of oil.It is conceivable that, in the 14 hours of hard work, the hard work of the male puppets cannot be appreciated at all.

Due to excessive consumption of physical fitness, you can only end your life tragicly!For female bags, if the male puppets in front of you have died miserably without letting it get pregnant, then it will find the next male spouse.In order to improve the reproduction rate of future generations, he would rather sacrifice himself, and he could not let it abandon his previous work.

In the breeding season, not only the animals such as bags will sacrifice their lives in order to reproduce offspring, such as the mantis, spiders, etc. we know.The saying is called "suicide reproduction offspring."

For male spiders, the end of their lives is at the end of the mating.This destiny seems to have no way to retreat.As we all know, the female spider has a title "Black Widow" named "Black Widow". The reason why this kind of notorious is mainly because after the mating, female spiders will turn their faces and do not recognize people, and eat the male spiders directly!

If the female spider does not eat the male spiders, then the male spiders will also willingly dedicate their lives and let its offspring spiders eat themselves.Because the spider is rich in nutrient protein, the little spider can grow better after eating his father.

The praying mantis is an ancient insect on the earth. When the male praying mantis and the female praying mantis are over, the female praying mantis will eat this spouse directly, because only the female praying mantis can better breed.If you do n’t eat the male mantis, the body will lack a lot of energy, which will have a serious impact on the next generation.Imagine that the female praying mantis and its partner were enjoying the joy of fish and water in the previous second. The next second, the male praying mantis was regarded as a feast, which directly became the best food for female praying mantis to obtain nutrition.

Some netizens can’t help asking: "Why does the male praying mantis not escape, but willing to choose to be eaten?" It turns out that when the male praying mantis chooses to mate, they have realized that they will be eaten by female mantisDrop, so in order to better breed offspring, the male praying mantis would rather sacrifice himself and insist on it.

The mating of bees is also special, with an average of one bee king that can mate with many opposite sex.And each mating process is completed in the air. In order to get better the opposite sex, the bee king usually releases many hormones in the body and attracts the opposite sex.If you can catch up with the opposite sex of the bee king, you will be qualified to be hesitate with the Bee King.

In order to get enough "nutritional solution" for himself for life for life, during the mating process, the bee king will come to a "unintentional attack" to quickly end and directly break the heterosexual genital card.Nutritional liquid "outflow.In the end, because of the important organ of the heterosexual partner, it will eventually fall to the ground and slowly die.

Overall, there are many strange mating methods in nature. No matter which one is, it is for their own offspring, and their races will continue to develop better.It is for the descendants, and then willingly give my precious life.We hope that as human beings, we can treat all kinds of life in nature, because every kind of life is worthy of respect and awe!

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