The drinks here are classified!Do you often drink "unhealthy" C and D?Quickly check the people who love to drink

The weather is getting hotter, and all kinds of beverages naturally have become the artifacts of everyone’s solution.

Recently, some netizens shared on Xiaohongshu that there was an additional level label on the drinks sold in Singapore, divided into four levels: A, B, C, and D.

For example, Wangzi Milk is C -Class.

Starbucks Kabchino is also a C -Class.

Master Kang, Sydney, and Rock Sugar -red grapefruit, are all levels.

Master Kang Blood Tea is divided into A, C and D -level according to different flavors.

The Arctic Ocean Soda is D -Class.

What does these levels mean?

Netizens said in the post that this is divided by nutritional composition and health.

The reporter found that the new rules of Singapore beverage labels will be implemented from December 30, 2022.It is reported that diabetes is a serious health problem in Singapore. If any measures are not taken, by 2050, the number of diabetic residents in Singapore is expected to reach 1 million.In order to further curb the development of diabetes, the Singapore government requires retail pre-packaged drinks containing higher sugar and trans fats in Singapore. The Nutri-Grade label must be pasted and prohibit the release of advertising related to the "D" class Nutri-Grade drink.Essence

According to the regulations, more than 5 grams of sugar per 100 ml of beverages and 1.2 grams of saturated fat belong to C -grade, sugar more than 10 grams and saturated fats of more than 2.8 grams are Grade D.These two -level beverages must be labeled on the packaging, while the healthier A and B -level drinks must not be printed.

Note: The sugar content and trans fat content must meet a level standard at the same time in order to mark the corresponding level.If not satisfied, take the lowest value

It can be seen that the grade judgment is defined by two components of sugar content and saturated fat content. The higher the content, the higher the level.

Put a few more drinks that everyone will see everyday ↓↓↓

Kirin afternoon black tea: C -Class

Bao Mining: C Class

Nongfu Spring Tea π: C -Class C Class

Wang Laoji: C Class

Coconut tree brand coconut juice: C -Class

Pure Zhen Yogurt: D Class D

Yangle Duo: D Class

Vitamin Lemon Tea: D -Class

Seeing that the drinks that often drink are basically C and D -level, netizens call directly: A is afraid that it is not just boiled water!

Many netizens think that this label is very effective, can help everyone raise awareness of health, and call on domestic to do it.

Some netizens think that such labels can’t play any effect. It is healthy and unhealthy. Can I not know?

There are also netizens science, even if there is no such level, learn to see the ingredient table:

Just look at the nutritional component table. In China, you can always believe in the ingredient table and the nutritional component table.Drinking sweeteners are generally sucrose, fructose syrup, and Anti.Then look at the sugar content in the nutritional composition table.

You can see the ingredients of the ingredients. The most ingredients are the most. For example, the first is that the second is that the white granulated sugar is absolutely exceeded.

There are also netizens curious. What drinks can be A and B?

Some netizens showed more detailed product forms.

Some netizens checked this rating, and found that pure milk was marked with C level.Isn’t this too healthy?

It is worth noting here that this rating standard is divided according to sugar content and fat amount, and there is no other nutrients such as protein.Sotal milk contains lactose and fat content, so it is normal to level C, which does not mean that the milk itself is unhealthy.

In addition, some netizens in Singapore said that the "Fat House Happy Water" Coca -Cola that everyone cares about is not labeled!What level do you think it should be?

Do you usually care about the sugar content in the beverage?

Editor -in -chief of the column: Qin Hong text editor: Cheng Pei Title Source: Tuwa Creative Picture Editor: Yongkai

Source: Author: Beijing Youth Daily

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