The dog is pregnant, the owner should do this

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The baby dog at home is pregnant. As a master, are you panic? Haha, it can be understood that after all, many small owners have not had a baby.

1. Diet adjustment

First of all, Xiaobian strongly recommends buying qualified pet foods from regular channels, especially dogs during pregnancy, no longer suitable for feeding homemade dog food; dog food that can be eaten often in the early stages, not required to increase, because dogs at this time, because dogs at this time, dogsIt does not require too much nutrition. Blindly increases the weight; in around the 5th week, you can feed high -protein, high -fat, high calcium dog food, and increase the amount of feeding by about 2 % appropriately.Success, follow a small number of principles.

2. Appropriate exercise

You can take a dog every day, but if the dog stops to rest, then we have to cooperate, because after all, there are several small lives in the belly of others.

But please note that half a month before and after delivery, please stay away from other dogs, because at this time the dog is stronger, his temper is relatively irritable, and it is easy to be shocked. In addition, isolation of other dogs can also avoid infectious diseases. ForIn the future, the health of dog cubs is very necessary.

3. Health issue

If you suspect that the dog is pregnant, please contact your pet doctor immediately to avoid fake pregnancy and determine the number of dog cubs through B -ultrasound.

In addition, dogs during pregnancy are not suitable for deworming and vaccine, so please do a good job of related work. If vaccines are not vaccinated, new dogs are very likely to die.

In the end, the emotional changes in pregnant dogs may be relatively large. As the owner, you must understand a lot. If the usual intimate movements are more severe, at this time, you need to converge. After all, safety is the first.


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