The distress of pregnant women: What should I do if my husband is derailed for 8 months?

Introduction: I’m really worried, but I can’t control myself again, so I am unhappy there. He asked me to give him a month.Intersection

We have known each other for 8 years. After four years of college, we have depended on each other for three years, and we only got married early this year.

I also know that woman, and I am a Chinese mobile salesperson in our university.

They have always been in contact, and I have always felt that there must be a problem with the excessive connection, but he does not admit it, saying no, it is always ordinary friends.

At the end of October this year, my husband said that he would go to Shandong to travel a business trip. The schedule was from Monday to Wednesday. He went to Nanchang when he was transferred to Nanchang. He said that he drove with his colleagues and saved him on Saturday to take the train on Saturday.For him, I went back to my mother’s house.

He should have been back on Thursday, but he did not arrive at 12 pm until 12pm on Friday. It was because he led him to go to the company on Saturday and had to rush back.

After a week, I found out that he was not going to Nanchang. It turned out that he went to Yichun to find the woman. No wonder one day at twelve o’clock in the evening, I received a call from that woman. I also stupidly thought they were just good friends.

He told me that the woman was not looking for him to chat. They had no further relationship, but I didn’t expect him to go to her and before going to Shandong.After watching his call records, the time to call with her was so long.

At that moment, my heart was about to jump out, tears couldn’t control the current, and I could sleep so deeply when I saw him. I cried for a night, and he didn’t speak.Not good, but it is really unbearable.

That night I didn’t sleep, and he fell asleep again. I left him, took a bath and washed, waiting for dawn, I just wanted to escape from all of this.

It was dawn, and when I went out, I just met his parents and got up, and I pulled me to not let me go. I was afraid that I had lost their face and pulled me back to the room.

His mother went to call him up and he couldn’t get confused. Later, he called him for the second time, saying that nothing was wrong, and his parents blamed my temper so much.

It’s been the third day now. I washed my face with tears every day. I dare not tell my mother, and I don’t know who to talk to. When I was alone, I thought about tears. I don’t know what to do.He divorced, he disagreed, and said he would change.

I have been 8 months now. What if the child is divorced?And now I cry every day, I don’t know what the child is!

I’m really worried, but I can’t control myself again, so I am unhappy there. He asked me to give him a month. He must change it to ensure that he will never believe it in the future. Can I still believe in his words?

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