The descendants of the bloody bears were pregnant with a rural dog, and everyone persuaded the owner to leave the puppies.

There are a lot of shovel officers who raise dogs, and different people pay attention to the same place. Some people raise dogs to pay attention to the health of dogs, and some people pay attention to dogs. Of courseSome people are more concerned about the blood of dogs.

There is a girl in South Korea who has a pure blood bichon dog in the house, which attracts many fans on the Internet with white hair and cute appearance with white hair.

With such a cute pet, it will be spoiled by anyone, and its owner is naturally no exception.It was just a few days ago, the girl was abnormal and angry, and she posted a picture of dogs on the Internet and yelled. Why?

It turned out that this cute Bichon dog was a little bitch. Before that, the owner took her out and bent, and ran out of the community while the owner didn’t pay attention.

After this situation, the frightened owner hurried out. Unfortunately, when the owner found the Bear bear, he found that he was still one step later.Lings together!

Soon the little bears became pregnant. It is reasonable to say that a small life is about to be born into this world. This is originally a happy thing, but the child’s dad’s variety is not a bear dog. In other words,The puppy blood that is about to be born will not be a pure bi -bear.

Although the owner of the Bear dog does not intend to use his pet as a fertility machine, after all, he is also a person who values pet dog blood.EssenceWant to solicit the opinions of fans.

The fans of the Bear Dog are also divided into two factions. One group believes that the owner is purely a small topic. The key to nourishing pets is to accompany and love. It is not important at all.

The other faction believes that the behavior of the owner does not have a quotation. After all, treating Bi Bear is like treating his daughter, but now good cabbage is arched by pigs, and it is normal to be angry.

Master: "It’s really a daughter, so how can you just be with this kind of wild boy casually?"

Bi Bear: "Wang Wangwang, this is not what I want, I am also forced."

Master: "You, you, you are too careless, I really feel so heartbroken like this."

However, the protagonist of our news, the bear bear finally gave birth to her child, and although her master still regretted it.

However, with the persuasion of fans, they still decided to continue raising bi -bear and their children. As for the compensation required by the owner of the puppy, the compensation was finally revoked.

The shoveling officer also said that after the puppy was born, she would choose to find a reliable owner for the dog to adopt these dogs, and she would definitely not ignore it.

Although the family affairs between the Bear and its owner have been resolved, the discussions on the Internet have become more and more widely spread.

The question of discussion has also changed from whether the owner does to whether it should pay attention to the blood of pets.

Everyone said, but found that no one could persuade each other, and slowly stopped arguing.

In RIO’s father’s opinion, we are not breeding pets for obtaining any benefits, but hope that we can accompany us in our lives.

Whether it is Wang Xingren or a cat, we watch them grow up and they accompany us to grow, so we have deep feelings, which is by no means a bloodline that can be replaced.

Of course, this is just Rio’s father’s own thoughts, and we still have to respect everyone’s different choices.As for whether pets should pay attention to pedigree, do you think of shit officers?


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