The daughter -in -law had acne on her face, and her mother -in -law was happy to say that she was Huaoming, but the doctor laughed!

Acne is also called acne, which is one of the common diseases in dermatology.Especially for adolescence teenagers, no matter whether men or women, they will grow acne. Generally, they will automatically disappear after adolescence.However, in the obstetrics and gynecology hospital, some pregnant women will also grow acne, is it particularly surprising!

No, during 15 weeks of pregnancy, pregnant women Xiaomei went to the hospital to build a file and conduct a regular checkup. After a routine examination, Xiaomei asked with depression: "Doctor, you said that after I was pregnant, my face had grown.Many acne is like a youth. What is going on? Will there be any situation in the body, or is there a problem with the baby in the stomach? "

The doctor glanced at Xiaomei and said, "Don’t worry too much, many pregnant women will suffer from a skin disease after pregnancy, that is, acne. It may have a certain relationship with the hormone level in the body after pregnancy.At the same time, the weather is relatively dry, which is more likely to cause dry skin, which will cause horny pores to block, and then breed bacteria and acne. In addition, it may also be that the pregnant mother has endocrine disorders, disorders of secretion, increased lutein, and cause sebum secretion.Increase, the skin is in a state of unstable state, the horny resistance becomes worse, and the acne will erupt. There are still many pregnant women’s acne in addition to the face, which may be distributed on the backThere is no impact, you can rest assured! "

After listening to the doctor, Xiaomei was a lot more assured.Xiaomei asked again: "Doctor, I want to treat this acne, but my mother -in -law said that when the pregnant woman’s face was long, I showed the male treasure and did not agree with me to treat it. Is this true?"

When the doctor listened, he laughed: "Long acne during pregnancy, may not be pregnant with a boy, skin problems have nothing to do with the fetus. We have encountered many long acne pregnant mothers, but finally gave birth to children and girls.Yes. Of course, if you want to treat acne, you must not use the ointment casually. Some drugs contain hormones, which will cause the fetus in congenital defects in the stomach! "

After listening to the doctor’s words, Xiaomei hurriedly asked, "Ah, what can I do? In recent days, the longer the acne on my face, the more and more, and I dare not go out to see people."

The doctor comforted: "Don’t be too anxious, you can use local antibiotics to treat the symptoms of acne. At the same time, you must pay special attention in daily life and diet.Eat more foods containing vitamins and more foods. Pay special attention to supplement vitamin A, B2, B6, C, E. Because vitamin A has regeneration function on the skin, etc. "

After returning home, Xiaomei did it according to the doctor’s instructions, trying to reduce her hands to touch the acne on her face. At the same time, she also eats light food and avoid spicy foods.It didn’t take long for Xiaomei’s face to acne is really much better.

Ten months later, Xiao Meishun produced the next female treasure. The whole family was very happy. Xiaomei’s mother -in -law also held a newborn and said, "You baby is really naughty.Your mother has a face with acne. "

Yun Yan’s words: Actually, giving birth to boys and women are the same, and they are all born by themselves. The health of the baby is the most important! Bao parents, are you the same idea as me?

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