The crowd is precise, and pregnant women have exclusive yogurt?

For a long time, milk, yogurt and other dairy products have been regarded as ideal foods that supplement protein, calcium and various minerals.With the increasing health demands of people, yogurt with its own "nutritional health" halo has become an important choice for consumers.

With the continuous expansion of yogurt consumption, the market has led to many subdivided consumption demand, such as crowd segmentation, functional subdivision, and scene details.Different groups of dairy products have different demands. As the market is continuously listed on the market for children’s groups and women’s groups, the more subdivided pregnant women groups have also begun to have exclusive yogurt products.In the future, will it be a development trend for the dairy products subdivided by precise people?

Criminal precision subdivision

In the past two years, new brands and new products in the domestic yogurt industry have shown explosive growth. However, while broadening the market size, the pouring in of the brand has also made the market more and more "inside", and the killing on the yogurt track is becoming increasingly fierce.

Just from the development of product categories, almost all brands are doing it, and the segmentation based on consumer groups, consumption scenes, and functionality begins to become some brands attempts.

And finding a market segment and segmenting people have become an important means for dairy companies to excavate new capacity in recent years. Especially in how to seize the segmented crowd, all brands have made their best to solve them.Do in -depth research and development.

From the perspective of consumer groups, different groups of dairy products have different demand for dairy products.For example, children pay more attention to healthy growth, young people pay attention to taste value, elderly people pay attention to health issues, and dairy products designed by different groups such as weight loss, fitness, men, and women are also different.

From the perspective of women’s consumer groups, many dairy companies have paid attention to this field and launched a series of products, and more segmented pregnant women groups are still mainly milk powder products. Many milk powder brands have at least one pregnant womanMilk powder brand, but in the field of liquid milk, there are not many products exclusive to pregnant women.

For the group of pregnant women, it is an important moment in life, and their bodies and psychology have changed. They have a healthy need for dairy products and meet the nutritional needs of special periods.Especially with the appearance of the mother group of the post -90s and post -95s, it also shows a refined and quality demand. Perhaps this is also the opportunity for pregnant women to go public.

Pregnant women exclusive yogurt listing

Speaking of the group of pregnant women, diet is a topic that cannot be around, and there are many different scenes of pregnant women’s diet, such as breakfast, meal, pregnant vomiting, sugar control, constipation, etc., to develop the corresponding products in different scenarios to meet the needs of pregnant women.Demand, providing refined products is a direction.

In this direction, the yogurt of pregnant women should be born.

Jian Ai developed a "pregnant mother yogurt" in 2018 -Jian Ai 40 weeks of yogurt, escorting the most important 40 weeks of the life of pregnant mothers.

Jane Ai 40 weeks of yogurt raw materials adhere to the minimalist formula. In the ingredient table, only raw milk, (chrysanthemum) dietary fiber and lactic acid bacteria.And each cup contains 5.2g of protein and 160mg of calcium, about 60%higher than ordinary yogurt; although the product is 0 sucrose, it has a strong taste and is not easy to grow meat, so that pregnant mothers can enjoy deliciousness without burden.In addition, 1 billion long biobiobacteria BB536+2025mg dietary fiber can be added, which can promote intestinal peristalsis and improve intestinal health. Whatever stage of pregnant mothers can eat with confidence.

Japanese lactic acid bacteria beverage giant Yakult also launched a yogurt designed for pregnant women.It is declared that each cup contains 900 million active probiotics, and also contains iron and folic acid required for one day. It is suitable for women who need to supplement nutrients during pregnancy.It is understood that this product uses four kinds of berries of raspberries, apples, strawberries, and wild cherry berries to season, and gives the product a refreshing and sweet taste.

When I query related products, I found that the official mini program of Jianai has now been removed for 40 weeks of yogurt, and this yogurt is currently not seen in Jingdong and Tmall e -commerce platforms.

In the query of "Dairy Finance", Jian Ai said that the concept of 40 weeks of yogurt at that time before was relatively advanced and niche, so he did not continue to sell.

Exclusive product refraction special nutritional needs

According to data, the nutritional supplements of maternal products based on dairy products in the Asian market have continued to grow. The sales of dairy products for novice mothers have increased at a rate of 20%per year. About 13 million families include this growing market.Among them.

In 2022, the new version of the "Chinese Resident Diet Guidance" will be recommended by the recommended intake of milk and dairy products from no less than 300 grams per person per day, which is more clear about 300-500 grams per person per day. It is recommended that people eat more milk and dairy products.And due to the increased demand for nutrients in pregnant women, compared with the general population, the number of recommended intake has increased. The new version of the dietary guidelines is recommended to reach 500 grams/day in the middle and late stages of pregnancy.

You must know that women in the middle and late pregnancy will increase the demand for nutritional elements due to the rapid growth and development of the fetus. Therefore, "food enhancement" is an effective means to supplement the nutritional elements required by the human body.

A study released at the Second Conference of the Boao Forum for Asia Hosteritaria last year showed that the average intake of women in the early pregnancy and in the middle of pregnancy is about 250g/day, and the third trimester of pregnancy is about 290g/day.There is a certain gap in the Dietary Guidelines of Residents, and nearly 81%of pregnant women have not reached the recommended selenium intake.

The forum also pointed out that the reason for the lack of dairy products in pregnant women in China is eating habits, and more importantly, lactose intolerance.Affected by genetic genes and races, about 50%of the lack of lactase in the human body, which is especially common among middle -aged and elderly and pregnant women.

During the production of yogurt, most lactose will be divided by lactic acid bacteria in yogurt, making the lactose content in yogurt is much less than milk. Therefore, people with lactose intolerance can choose yogurt.

I found that there are fewer companies that are currently launched by pregnant women’s exclusive yogurt products. From the perspective of the product, on the one hand, there are no additional characteristics, and the ingredients are relatively pure. On the other hand, the nutrients needed by pregnant women, such as folic acid, and prone to occur during women’s pregnancy.Add dietary fiber with constipation.Behind pregnant women’s exclusive yogurt products shows the needs of individual nutrition in this special period.

Why can it develop

Compared with traditional parents, the new generation of parents have presented new features in terms of parenting concepts, parenting behaviors, consumption concepts, and consumer behavior.Today, the younger generation of pregnant mothers meet the transformation of identity with a more optimistic attitude, and will care more about themselves than ever, and choose, consume, and accept a variety of healthy nutrition products.

1. The new surrogate mothers have stronger spending power

In fact, for many girls, the body will change rapidly during the birth stage, and as pregnant mothers enter different stages of breeding, different, refined and refined living consumer needs will be generated.

The "Report on the Inspecture of the post -90s pregnant mothers" released at zero point shows that the new generation of mothers are more willing to spend money. The average planned expense of the post -90s pregnant mothers during pregnancy is 22058 yuan, which is nearly 2,000 yuan higher than the average of 20092 yuan in the post -80s pregnant mothers.In pleasure/serving themselves, they are obviously willing to spend money on themselves.

Source: Count at zero point

2. Strong demand

"New" pregnancy "trend of maternal and infant consumption -the" Exquisite Consumption "Research Report of the 2020 Pregnant Women" shows that nutritional intake is the core appeal of pregnant mothers’ diet, and 86%of pregnant mothers will buy nutrients during pregnancy.Moms have more than 90%of the purchase rates of folic acid and products during pregnancy, and the purchase rate of categories such as pregnant women’s snacks has reached more than 80%.This reflects that the pregnant mother’s needs for nutrition are very strong.

Source:: Parenting Network

3. Pay attention to nutritional intake

IIMEDIA Research (Ai Media Consultation) data shows that the post -95s mother who interviewed generally stated that they gradually opened the pregnancy mode during the pregnancy preparation stage and entered the mother role in advance.Buy maternal and infant products.

This data also shows that after the birth, most post -95s mothers have increased their consumption amounts than before breeding in terms of food and supplies.The purchase of baby food and nutritional products

Source: Ai Media Consultation

4. Exquisite mothers are willing to spend money on yogurt

CBNDATA "2021 Yogurt Consumption Trends Report" shows that compared with other crowds, the exquisite mothers, urban white -collar workers, generations of generations, and small town are more and more willing to spend money on the yogurt.Other people.In addition, they have performed well in the proportion of yogurt consumption and the growth rate of consumption, becoming a well -deserved "potential army" of yogurt consumption.

Source: CBNDATA "2021 Yogurt Consumption Trends Report"

Development of the yogurt of the crowd

Today, the younger generation of Chinese women has gradually entered the age of pregnancy/pregnancy.Data show that the post -90s generation accounted for 52.9%among the pregnant groups, and the proportion of groups after 00 (under 22) groups was 17.8%, which gradually became the main force of the mother group.

And they will choose high -end, phased and refined foods based on different stages such as pregnancy, pregnancy, and posture.

In fact, the new generation of mothers attaches more attention to health, nutrition and other functional demands. This also promotes the development of nutritional products, gestational snacks, and pregnant women’s milk powder markets during pregnancy.Although the yogurt of pregnant women is a product that has just sprouted and tried to take the first step, it meets the products of pregnant women’s eating habits and nutritional demands.

In fact, for the dairy products developed and designed by different groups, it is mainly to grasp the pain points of the consumption of different groups, and truly understand what they need, so as to produce products that meet consumers.Pregnant women’s yogurt is just one of the many people in many people.

Chinese food industry analyst Zhu Danpeng expressed his optimism of the market segment. He told "Dairy Finance" that the market segment is an important direction and trend of the innovation and upgrading of the entire fast consumer goods and iterations.We can see that more and more companies are now detailed and differentiated, and segmentation can avoid the Red Sea of the mainstream market, can improve the gross profit of the enterprise, and can more accurately meet the core needs of heavy consumer groups.Ask.Therefore, from the perspective of the entire capital end, the industry side, the channel side, and the four ends of the consumer side, basically the entire market segment has attracted the attention and favor of the consumer side.

However, he also pointed out that when the brand has not enough appeal and influence, to make a segmentation track, it will often be a wedding dress for others.This is more difficult for companies with Internet celebrities.

Cognitive & shallow review: Yogurt can be said to be a variety of markets. Whether it is innovative from the departure of ingredients, a different state from the production process, or the various novel experiences from the taste, it is pioneering.New incremental market means.The crowd subdivision is mostly aimed at more popular needs, such as sugar -free, high calcium and low fat. From the crowd segmentation, there are currently many brands that are subdivided to children’s groups.Does this also reflect that the market is not easy to do?

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