The celery is delicious and has a trick. Do n’t fry it directly. Learn to do so.

Introduction: The celery is delicious. Do n’t fry it directly. Learn to do so.

Hello everyone, I am a silly sister’s food. In my life, the only food and beautiful scenery cannot be disappointed.The winter climate is dry, and if you eat more meat, it is easy to get angry. Remember to eat more fruits and fruits.Although it has entered the winter, vegetables are still very cheap, such as celery, spinach, rapeseed, bitter chrysanthemum, cabbage, etc., are currently seasonal vegetables, cheap and nutritious.Among the many vegetables, my family likes to eat celery, the taste is crisp and refreshing, and the nutrition is rich. Simply fried is a plate of meals.Celery is also very rich. You can stir -fry, cold, steamed buns, and dumplings. The taste is very delicious. Do you like to eat celery?

In the morning, I bought a few pounds of parsley to go home. The green celery exudes a unique aroma. When I smell it, I want to eat it. Use it to make a home often fried celery.Do you know that fried celery is also skillful. Do n’t stir fry directly. This is also a point that many people ignore it. No wonder the celery you fry at home is not delicious.Next, I will share with you the tips of stir -fried celery, learn to do this, the stir -fried celery is better than the meat. Let’s take a look at the specific practice.

[Celebrity fried eggs] The ingredients prepared are: celery, eggs, carrots, green onions, ginger, flavor, chicken essence, sesame oil, edible oil, salt, pepper, pepper, pepper, pepper, pepper, pepper, pepper, pepper, pepper, pepper, pepper, pepper, pepper, pepper,

[Specific method] 1. The weather is getting colder and the vegetables are relatively easy to store. Everyone usually buys more. When you buy celery, remember to choose the colorful and bright colors.Wrap the celery tightly to ensure that the moisture is not lost, fresh as before.After the celery is cleaned, remove its muscles, so that it tastes better, and then put it on the chopping board into two, cut into small segments, prepare some side dishes, peel the carrots, cut into thin slices, and cut into thin slices.Cut the green onion ginger into shreds, slice the garlic, and put them all in the plate for later use.

2. The focus is here. Do not stir -fry the celery directly. Remember to simmer the water first. It can remove the astringent taste of itself and make the celery more crisp and delicious.Add water to the pot, add a small spoon of salt, add celery, simmer the water for 30 seconds after boiling the high heat, don’t be too long, you can see the celery color, the taste of the cooked fire is not crisp, and then the carrot is not crisp.Also remove the water.

3. Two eggs in the bowl, add a little salt, and quickly stir with chopsticks.Brush a layer of edible oil in a pan, pour the egg liquid and stir -fry until the shape.In addition, put on green onion ginger and garlic slices, stir fry, stir -fry the aroma, pour in celery, stir fry on high heat, then add carrot slices, and then add a little flavor, chicken essence, salt, and pepper.Stir -fry the high heat, fry until the celery and carrots are broken, then pour the eggs and break it. Stir fry evenly to turn off the heat.

A simple home celery fried eggs are ready. The color and fragrance are all drooling. The celery is crispy and delicious.Big meat is still fragrant.

The celery done so is not only delicious, nutrition is also comprehensive, fragrant but not greasy, suitable for all ages.Do you also know what are the tips for fried celery?That’s it for today’s sharing. I hope my sharing can make you gain. Thank you for your reading and support.

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