The British woman snorked for 12 years after she was pregnant for 12 years. Netizens lamented: She is too difficult to be too difficult

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(Original title: British woman hiccups for 12 years after pregnancy, netizens lamented: She is too difficult)

Global Network reported that this afternoon (23rd), a topic of a”British mother hiccups 12 years after pregnancy is on Weibo hot search.According to the British "Mirror" on the 22nd, the mother in the topic is Lisa Graves from Lincoln, British, 31 years old, with two daughters -7 -year -old SophieAnd 11 -year -old Emily.As for the strange phenomenon of continuous snoring, it will start from the year of Lisa’s pregnancy in 2008.

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The "Mirror" quoted Lisa’s words back to return that since she was pregnant in 2008, she has begun to have such snoring symptoms. Although she went to the hospital to do a lot of examinations, this problem has not been resolved.Lisa said that the doctor told her that this may be due to her rare side effects after stroke during pregnancy.

Lisa, the picture from "Mirror"

Fortunately, Lisa’s child was eventually born healthy.However, the phenomenon of "constantly snoring" has not yet been eased, and sometimes she even snores more than 100 times a day.

"At the beginning, I tried all the ways to treat snoring in the book -jump up, suck lemon juice, I tried almost any way, but these are not used." Lisa said that although some experts believe that they can pass throughDrugs solve this problem, but she still decided to learn to endure this kind of snoring.

Lisa, the picture from "Mirror"

However, this "endurance" is not easy, and the symptoms of "continuous snoring" still cause a lot of trouble to Lisa’s life.

"I will snoring when talking to others, and the sound is loud -many people say that it sounds like a dog or a chicken stepped when people step on." Not only that, Lisa also mentioned herselfThe "embarrassment" encountered in the nail art, she said, "We often accidentally occur when we repair nails- (because I will snoring) the nail polish is messy."

But Lisa admits, "I’m used to it now. Although I used to have some time, I was embarrassed and I didn’t want to show up in public, but now I am used to it." She also revealed, "I will be hiccups at nightWake up, sometimes wake up her husband, but this is just a little trouble. "

Lisa’s experience came to China, and then caused many netizens to discuss on Weibo.

Someone thought about the experience of snoring, sighed, she was too difficult.↓

Some people also noticed the pain that Lisa endured as her mother, and bluntly said that "pregnancy and having children are really not so simple."↓

There are also some enthusiastic netizens who have made an idea for her and contributed the "soil methods" who are often hung by the elders.↓

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