The bleeding of pregnant women is critical, and the Changning police emergency assistance

"Comrade Police, I am a pregnant woman. I have been bleeding and stomachache in the past two days. 120 said that I can’t get it now. Can you help me …"

On the morning of April 18th, Ms. Wang, the Tianshan Road Police Station of the Changning Branch, for help, said that she was currently in the early pregnancy and had symptoms of bleeding for two consecutive days.However, due to the tight capacity during the epidemic, emergency vehicles need to wait in line, and they will not be able to come for a while, and helplessly ask the police for help.

After understanding the situation, the community policeman Sun Lang Gang quickly responded. Under the premise of strictly implementing protective measures, he immediately went to the building where the pregnant woman was located to carry out soothing work, stabilized the emotions of pregnant women and family members.

"Master, a pregnant woman in the community needs to be sent to the hospital urgently. Do you have time to help you send it now?"

"No problem, I’m coming right away."

As soon as I hung up the phone, the taxi over there stopped the gate of the community.It turned out that a taxi driver was a member of the Leifeng team volunteer service team. In mid -March, when the epidemic happened, Sun Lang Gang agreed to him.Essence

"The car has arrived, ready to change clothes, let your husband accompany you, the fastest speed, I will take you to the car."

Soon, under the guidance of Sun Langgang, Ms. Wang and her family members went downstairs, took a taxi, and went to the Chinese women and infants for diagnosis and treatment.

On the evening of the 18th, Sun Langgang, who couldn’t rest assured, called the family of pregnant women again. After asking, it was learned that because the medical treatment was timely, Ms. Wang and the fetus in the abdomen had been in danger, and his hanging heart finally fell to the ground.

"I really thank Police Officer Sun for their help, otherwise the fruit is really hard to imagine." Facing Ms. Wang and their family members, Sun Ligang said, "During the prevention and control of the epidemic, the guardian of the masses is safe as the people’s police."

Author: Zhou Chen

Edit: Wang Jiayu

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