The belly must be pregnant?Tang Yan also shouted unjustly

Every red carpet star is constantly fighting for gorgeousness, it really echo the lyrics of Pan Weibai’s lyrics "tight pants, tight tops to expose your figure".In the quality ceremony of February, Tang Yan’s belly was slightly doubtful, and she was full of attention.Since I have watched "Splendid Weiyang", I have become Tang Yan Luo Jin CP fans properly. Each of them has been turned over again.Seeing this headline is also happy for the CP.

However, Tang Yanfang has also denied pregnancy. Of course, as a fan girl, whether she is pregnant or not.However, Xiaobian still wanted to ask weakly: Tang Yan should be bloating in those days.

When it comes to flatulence, food Sex Jun has a deep understanding.For a while, the stomach of the food was suddenly bloated, just like pregnancy. The waist of jeans that could be worn before could not be deducted, so I was scared to go to the hospital for examination.After taking the medicine prescribed by the doctor, I recovered, and I can still wear my original pants.

Everyone may not understand the flatulence, let me explain it for everyone.Lieching means that after the food is too fermented, a large amount of gas is generated, which further increases the pressure in the stomach. Therefore, the abdomen will be full and compressed, that is, flatulence.Symptoms of flatulence: get up early every day, snoring after meals, bloating, bloating (the stomach is very bulging, there are sound to shoot), often want to fart, mental depression, neurological headache and chest tightness.

So, what causes stomach bloating?

Inhale air.The reason for speaking or eating habits when eating, consume a lot of air and accumulate into the stomach.

indigestion.Some patients have poor physical fitness and lack of stomach power. They have eaten a lot of foods that are difficult to digest foods or are prone to flatulence, such as sweet potatoes, potatoes, radishes, taro, sweet potatoes …If you do n’t eat potatoes worship, you feel that you do n’t eat. The little friends who have eaten the potatoes I make will fall in love with the potatoes made by Eating Sex Jun.

Stomach disease.Stomach inflammation causes bloating and abdominal bloating.

Intestinal disease.Constipation, duodenal ulcers, colitis and other problems lead to slow gastrointestinal motility and food retention.

If you also happen to be the same as eating, how should we judge whether the bloating caused by indigestion or inflammation caused by poor digestion?Don’t worry, Food Jun will further interpret it for you.

First of all, you have to understand your diet. Whether you like to eat flatulence foods like food, and then adjust your diet structure to eat more digestible foods; usually drink more rice soup and crude fiber things to accelerate to accelerateGastrointestinal peristalsis; do not sit directly in the position after eating, exercise appropriately, take a walk after meals, accelerate digestion, or make a circle on the stomach clockwise/counterclockwise, you can also lose weight.If you still do n’t see it, then you have to go to the hospital for treatment, whether it is caused by inflammation.

After saying that I have said so, do you feel very useful?After solving the flatulence, your belly can be flat again, and you are back.

Therefore, the next time the female star’s dress is tight, the belly is bumpy, it may not be pregnancy, it may be flatulence, it may be flatulence, it may be flatulence, and it is important to say three times.Intimate fans to share with your idols!

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