The belly has a long hairs during pregnancy, and is the male baby?The obstetrician can’t help saying the answer

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Have you heard the ancient words of sour girls?This means that pregnant women like to eat spicy food during pregnancy. They are daughters, who like to eat sour, and have sons.There are many folk rumors like this.This netizen Huihui is also "recruited".

Huihui checked after pregnancy, the whole family was very happy.Huihui wants a daughter, her husband wants his son.They look forward to the arrival of the baby every day.I have been pregnant for more than two months, and Huihui has a long hair on her belly, and her husband said, "Long Mao, this shows that it is a boy!" In fact, everyone will have the same question.Boy?Huihui went to consult the obstetrician. The doctor said: "The hair on the stomach is actually the imbalance of therogen androgen in the pregnant woman’s body, which causes the pregnant woman’s belly or the chest minister Mao.of.

Some netizens have also expressed their views:

Netizen A: My belly is long, the navel is protruding, and my baby baby is born in 40 weeks, so the external ones are not accurate. Only after giving birth can I be determined.

Netizen B: Two times have long hair, like a kiwi, Dabao daughter, Xiaobao son!

Netizen C: There are long hairs in the belly, and there is a thick black line!Whether men and women are healthy and healthy!

Therefore, pregnant women must not listen to folk rumors. They need to pay more attention and always be vigilant.

★, be careful of medication

In the early stages of pregnancy, many pregnant women did not know that they were pregnant.In other words, pregnant women are not clear about medicinal properties. If pregnant women are banned, they are very harmful to pregnant women and babies in their stomachs.

★, stay away from radiation

Some pregnant women do not know that they cannot follow X -rays. The physical examination that day was taken. The serious consequences were the abortion of the baby.In fact, in the early stages of pregnancy, you must first confirm whether you are a quasi -pregnant woman.Stay away from radiation

★, avoid sexual life

The first three months of pregnancy is the most important. If you do not take care of it, your baby may have a miscarriage at any time.Sexual life will increase uterine contraction and cause abortion.

▶ Long -term housework labor

If you work for a long time, you will have great damage and impact on the lumbar spine of pregnant women.Pregnant women are pregnant, gain weight, increase their burdens, and do physical labor such as bending down, which will cause great harm to the body of pregnant women.

▶ Wear high heels

Pregnant women are easy to lean forward in high heels, and wearing high heels will make your focus unstable, and it will also increase your body burden.Therefore, after pregnancy, pregnant women should try to wear high heels as little as possible, and try to focus on flat shoes.

▶ Stay up late

Pregnant women must not underestimate stay up late.The irregular work of pregnant women staying up late can easily lead to qi deficiency, poor physical strength, and lack of qi and blood.It may even abortion.

There are many aspects that pregnant women need to pay attention to. Pregnant mothers should quickly learn and not ignore. Here are reminding everyone to have a beautiful life during pregnancy. First of all, you must learn about pregnancy and know what can be done and what can not be done.

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