The beauty was in alcohol poison but did not expect that she was pregnant,#Follow me every day …

The boy accidentally possess the girl and he did this.

The woman who was poisoned and ran to the hotel to open the house, and suddenly found that she couldn’t open the door. At this time, the bully in the room always heard the sound and thought it was a special service.So I got up and opened the door, but the moment I opened the door, a taste of wine came.I saw a woman showing a idiot, and before he reacted, he was stunned by silly Bai Tian to Xi Mengsi.

After a small bridge flowing overnight, he thought that the battle last night was obviously at the mercy, and then hurriedly put on the skirt to prepare to escape from the battlefield.When the president saw the girl showing a comfortable smile, stupid Bai Tian fled panickedly.The president who was preparing to clean the battlefield unexpectedly found a silly and sweet chest card on the ground.The next day, Bai Tian was stopped by the president as soon as he went to work. Why did you hide from me just now?I want to punish you for dinner with me.How do you know that I am here and you follow me.Brother’s business last night has passed, please don’t go to my work place to entangle.

When the company met at the meeting, he saw this familiar figure again.With the introduction of the leader’s introduction that had nothing to do with it.The strong enemy last night turned out to be the new president of the company.At this time, the silly Bai Tian’s panic group, he never thought that he was called into the president’s office again as soon as he was scattered, and then the secretary closed the door, and President Ba pushed him directly to the sofa.Stupid Bai Tian was afraid of being fired, and quickly said that we would not know it. You are still your president. I am still my little employee. We have never happened, but the president in front of us is not exciting at all.He leaned forward and asked him to drink collagen, and the silly white sweet immediately begged for mercy.President Lin, President Lin I dare not now.I thought that the end was over. The next day, silly Bai Tian went to the hospital for a medical examination. The doctor told her that you had been pregnant for more than a month. Xiaobai Tian was helpless.However, I can only blame myself that this land is too fertile. As soon as I sow, the president secretary who hid outside the door learned the situation.

Then he quickly told the president that the president asked his men to stare at him at all times, and he could not make the silly Bai Tian any accident.In addition, any hospital in Jiangzhou is not allowed to give him a good forest.The silly Bai Tian came to the hospital for examination alone on this day, but the doctor asked to see the child’s father.But did I not let you bring your child’s dad to come together last time?What about others?Why didn’t I see him? The child and his dad even had a child. He didn’t know about it, and I dare not tell him to come together. What you can let him come over now.The later genetic medical history examination also needs to help cooperate. There is no way to find your male girlfriend to help it.

But after the other president knew the woman’s affairs, he arranged for investigating the male girlfriend and found me who the man was on the weekend.President Lin is Lu Haoran, the son of Lu’s group, and he and Miss Yue are couples.The crisis -bursting president immediately met the girl and tied her seat belt intimately.Then I opened the door and asked directly: Do you want your child to become an illegitimate child?How do you know children?You follow me, these do not need to control you.This is a pre -marital agreement. If you look at it, you will sign it if you have any problems. You have to marry me before the marriage agreement. The girl did not expect that the president who is high will marry himself.Secretary Li knew that the president and woman came up and threatened the woman.My relationship with President Lin is not ordinary now, it is best to give me careful and seduce the president at the president’s office.But the president directly rejected him, so you don’t have to do his job well.Afterwards, the female secretary was very angry, so I pretended to apologize: I know that I have never been with you, but the person who can speak with me here is only you.Do we say it?This is the company, what can I do for you?In this way, the girl was cheated into the staircase, and then closed the door to show her ugly face.Where does the girl go?Wu Yuanyuan what do you mean?What do you deserve Lin Chen?Lin Chen should be mine.Actually, Lin Chen, I don’t listen.Awei is given to you, what do you do if you do it.Wu Yuanyuan, you ca n’t do this, this is illegal. Anyway, I ca n’t get Lin Chen. How can I cheaper you in vain.Hahaha.

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