The beating pregnant wife was derailed, and the end was …

Wife is pregnant,

The husband not only did not give warmth and love,

Instead, he fists.

What makes his wife chill is,

Husband also develops extramarital affairs,

There is an improper relationship with others.

Unbearable wife decided to divorce,

I didn’t expect to discuss the divorce process,

The man cut her thighs and other parts with a knife,

It has also repeatedly threatened and intimidated.

Because I can’t stand my husband’s domestic violence,

The wife then applied for a personal safety protection order from the court.

The court ruled that her husband was prohibited from implementing domestic violence.

It is forbidden to harass and track,

Contact his wife and his close relatives.

In 2011, Ahua and Aming registered to get married.After marriage, the differences and contradictions between the two sides gradually accumulated and broke out, and quarrels often occurred.In 2016, Ahua was pregnant, but the marriage life did not improve. Ahua and Amin quarreled and fight for three days. When Amin was excited, he would fall and even beat the pregnancy.During the duration of marriage, Amin was derailed.

On June 18, 2021, in the process of discussing the divorce of the two, Amin’s emotional out of control directly cut the knife to cut Ahua’s thighs and other parts to cause it to be injured. After that, he also called Ahua’s personal safety by calling and sending text messages.Threat and intimidation.Ahua then applied for personal safety protection order to the court.

After reviewing the Meizhou Court, the applicant Ahua and the respondent Amin were a legal marriage relationship. During the marriage duration, the respondent’s applicant was associated with a family atrocities.The applicant’s application meets the statutory conditions of personal safety protection order, and the respondent is prohibited from implementing domestic violence in accordance with the law, and the respondent is prohibited from harassing, tracking, contacting the applicant and its close relatives.

Judge saying: A personal safety protection order can be applied for by domestic violence

Family members should have helped each other, love each other, and live in harmony. Violence is not a way to solve problems.When a realistic danger of domestic violence or facing domestic violence, it can apply for personal safety protection order from the people’s court.

However, it should be noted that the court makes a personal safety protection order and should have the following conditions:

There is a clear situation of the respondent, specific requests, and family violence or the danger of family violence.

Personal safety protection order includes the following measures:

Forbidden the respondent from the implementation of domestic violence;

It is forbidden to harass, track, contact the applicant and its related relatives;

Order the respondent to move out of the applicant’s residence;

Other measures to protect the personal safety of applicants

November 25th

It is the international elimination of family violence days

We all hate home atrocities

But for domestic violence, you may have a misunderstanding

What needs to be pointed

Family atrocities are more than just punches and kicks

The official implementation of March 1, 2016

The "Anti -Family Violence Law of the People’s Republic of China" is clear

Instead of violations include both the body and the spirit

Family violence refers to the infringement of the body and spirit of family members and spirituality such as beating, binding, damage, restricting personal freedom, and regular abuse, and intimidation.

Reject silence, bravely tell domestic violence



How to collect evidence of domestic violence victims


Text/Guangzhou Daily · Xinhuacheng Reporter: Articles of Association Correspondent Mei Fa Xuan

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Source: Guangzhou Daily

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