The bad news came!A girl in Fujian was killed!Pay attention to each class!

July 13th

A girl on a beach in the Sea of Shishi Xiangzhi, Quanzhou

Drowning unfortunately when playing

The reporter learned that the accident occurred at 2 pm on the 13th. Shi Lishi Xiangzhidong Dachen Dajin Temple was in the sea area. The drowning girl was 11 years old and was from Guizhou. She is currently studying in Shishi in elementary school.

"Before my car stopped, they ran to drown." Mr. Hou, who took the drowning child, told reporters that the drowning girl and their daughter who read the junior year were friends and usually played together.On the day of the incident, Mr. Hou took his daughter and a 7 -year -old son to the beach. The drowning person went with Mr. Hou’s daughter at the time.

Mr. Hou said that at first he didn’t know that the child was going.Drowning children do not swim.After the incident, the child’s parents had arrived at the scene.

Mr. Hou said that while he went to the sea to save people, his daughter reported the police with her mobile phone.

"When we arrived, the drowning child had been taken to the beach." Relevant sources related to the rescue team of the Xingxing Maritime Obligation of Quanzhou City, after the incident, the rescue forces such as the maritime police and the rescue team arrived at the scene in a short period of time.But the medical staff confirmed that the child had no signs of life.According to its understanding, the incident was very short at that time, and the child disappeared into the water to find the alarm and rescue. The time was not long. Unfortunately, it was still failed to restore the child’s life.

"There are deep pit and undercurrent in this place, which is very dangerous." Ms. Zhang, the secretariat of the Volunteer Volunteer Rescue Team of Hong Kong Port, told reporters that the sea area drowned is a dangerous sea area.Dangerous to the sea, she said that drowning accidents occur almost every year in this sea area.

Coincidentally, on the afternoon of July 5th

Hengxi Town, Dazhou District, Ningbo, Zhejiang

Five 16 -year -old young people

Come to swim

As a result, the three of them drowned

After the rescue is invalid, all the victims

Screenshot of the Internet Video

People’s Government of Hengxi Town, Ningbo

Release situation notice

At 14:20 on July 5, 2023, some people found that someone fell into the water in a mountain pond in Hengxi Town, Puzhou District.After receiving the report, Hengxi Town immediately organized rescue staff to carry out search and rescue forces with the rescue forces such as public security, emergency, and 120 first aid centers, rescued all the three of them, and sent the hospital for emergency treatment as soon as possible.Essence

After a preliminary investigation, on the afternoon of July 5, Li Mouwang, Chai Moumou, and Li Moufu (three people in the same hometown) went to a mountain pond in Hengxi Town to play together.The two were rescued and drowned one after another.

Life is precious. Summer is a high incidence of drowning accidents. I urge everyone to pay great attention to the work of preventing drowning and not let the tragedy happen again.

Summer vacation each year

They are all high incidence of minor drowning incident

Parents should especially take care of their children

Can’t let them swim and play in the river

So as not to encounter danger

On June 26, three primary school students in Handan District, Handan, Hebei drowned in the river canal. A family member said that the three children were unfortunately drowned when they played together.

On June 24, three teenagers in Fuchun Town, Tancheng County, Heze, Shandong accidentally drowned. Many enthusiastic people were rescued in the water. In the end, one was rescued, and the other two teenagers died unfortunately.

On June 22, a 11 -year -old boy in Huizhou, Guangdong followed his father to a beach in Dongjiang to play with a cool water, and died unfortunately.

On June 18, two middle school students in Honghu City, Jingzhou, Hubei, washed their feet by the pond.

On June 17, the four 15 -year -old boys in Fuling in Chongqing went to the river to catch crabs after the exam, and one person was unfortunately drowned.

Master one more point of emergency knowledge

It’s a bit more safe at the critical moment!

The common sense of misunderstanding and self -rescue of these drowning accidents below

Teachers and parents

Tell your child!

Misunderstanding 1: If you can swim

There are also people who can swim and have good water among drowning people. Do not think that swimming is safe.

Misunderstanding 2: Use a swimming ring to avoid drowning

The swimming ring is not a professional floating equipment. When the water flow changes, the function of the swimming ring or the swimming ring fails, it may cause drowning.

Misunderstandings 3: Express help when drowning

When drowning, most people have no time to shout and flutter, and silent drowning is the "culprit" that causes the best rescue time.

Misunderstanding 4: Hands can save the drowning person

It is difficult to rescue the hand to save the drowning, especially for minors.Once there is no physical strength, it will lead to serial falling water and cause group drowning accidents.

Keep in mind the "six inaccurate" anti -drowning

People who can’t swim drowning,

How to save yourself?

Please forward to the class group

Remind the parents and friends around you

Your reminder

Maybe a child is saved!

Even a family!

Comprehensive: Emergency Management Department, News wide -angle, People’s Daily, Jimu News, Yangzi Evening News

Source: Fuzhou Evening News

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