The baby dream indicates that there are boys and women?Listen what the people say!

Listen to the old man and say,

Fetal dream can indicate the gender of the fetus and convey the future information of the fetus.

It sounds like nonsense, but many pregnant mothers do feel the same:

Dreams during pregnancy are really more active and strange than before!

Is the baby dream so amazing?

Is the dream of giving birth to boys and women finally come true in the end?

Let’s take a look at the child’s dream experience experience!

1. Animal article


I have felt a boy from pregnancy, and this feeling is becoming more and more affirmative in the second trimester.First of all, I knew that I had a baby dream shortly after pregnancy. I dreamed of snake and scared me to run quickly. I never had a snake dream before.As a result, a male treasure was really born!


I dreamed of a few snakes in the early days, the Qing Dynasty cousin, but it was really a son later.

@想 想

It was found out for a month for pregnancy. At that time, I was found in urine testing in the morning. I couldn’t believe that I wanted to be a mother.Dreaming that night, dreaming that a green monkey stopped me back to my grandma’s house next to my grandma’s house. She was particularly cute, but she felt funny when she woke up when she woke up.The Year of the Monkey Dream has a green monkey, a red man and a green woman, and it is determined to be a girl at the moment.


I am pregnant with my second child, and I feel like it was before a month. I dreamed that I went to pick up the field snails and grab the fish.

Analysis of the child’s childcare consultant:

Moms in early pregnancy may dream of some small creatures. As the pregnancy month increases, it will be replaced by some adult animals, indicating that the fetus is growing gradually.The child’s beautiful vision, dreaming that pythons may not necessarily have a boy, maybe it is just a mother’s subconscious response.

2. Plants


After having a baby dream, the peaches dreamed of peaches, and the pre -Zhao of the boy.During the six -month B -ultrasound examination, it is prompted that the fetus is separated from 0.6 and 0.7cm. The doctor said that it is normal than 1cm. The fetus urinates during examination. Later, it was checked on the Internet.Fetal gender.Later, he gave birth to a healthy male treasure.


Dreaming of the persimmons of the mountains, full of red lanterns like persimmons, I don’t know what it indicates.

Analysis of the child’s childcare consultant:

Frequent fetal dreams about plants and fruits, will the birth babies have a lot of wealth?of course not.In the first three months, the fetal dreams symbolizing fertility will emerge endlessly, such as large flowers and mature fruits in full bloom.Psychologists gave an example. One pregnant mother dreamed of two bunch of grapes in her stomach, which actually symbolized the ovaries.

Dream itself is a complicated psychological activity. Scientists have never stopped exploring dreams, but they have not completely solved the mystery of dreams. The dream of fetal dreams is more different from ordinary dreams. Until now, there is no systematic scientific theory demonstration.The accuracy of fetal dreams.Children Wang Yuchen adviser remind you of prospective father and mother: Boys and girls are determined by XY chromosome!

1. Hormone changes

In the early days of women’s pregnancy, the secretion of estrogen and serotonin (a hormone that affects emotional changes) in the body increased, resulting in a surge in the number of pregnant mothers’ dreams; in the late pregnancy, the burden on the body increased, and the sleep was not collapsed.Mom often wakes up in the middle of the night and interrupts the dream process. Instead, this makes the pregnant mother’s dream of her dream more clearly, as if things in the dream have happened.

2. Psychological reasons

As the so -called sun is thinking, there is something at night, and the pregnant mother will inevitably worry about the health and gender of the fetus. In addition, the pregnant woman has a lighter sleep and wake up at night.The strange dream.

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