The B -ultrasound in the second trimester showed that the cervix was short. The doctor announced the aura abortion. Is the baby really hopeless?

Xiao Qian is pregnant. This good news makes the two people particularly excited, especially Xiao Qian’s husband. You must know that Xiao Qian’s husband especially likes children. Dreaming about one day as a father, but Xiao Qian does not like children, even moreIt was said before 5 years before marriage. Because of love, Xiao Qian’s husband acquiesced.I do n’t want to be jealous of the beautiful lady. Less than a year after marriage, Xiao Qian was pregnant unexpectedly. It was almost 9 weeks when I found that the first B -ultrasound was checked in 12 weeks.Little life was so in Xiaoqian’s uterus.

After Xiao Qian was pregnant, the family was taking care of Xiao Qian’s meticulous, and her husband’s husband did not need to say. There was a favorite wife’s hobby, and now he has performed better.It is also strange to say that Xiao Qian, who was very resistant to having a child, even quickly accepted this small life. She was a prenatal education on time every day, and it was checked on time every month.Good food is taboo. This is simply incredible for a full food.

In this way, the 24th week, Xiao Qian went to the hospital to do the B -ultrasound in the middle of pregnancy. This is this ordinary B -ultrasound check that made Xiao Qian fall into the frustration that could not be extricated.

Xiao Qian’s B -ultrasound shows that Xiao Qian’s cervical length is less than normal, and the position of the fetus is close to the uterine mouth. The doctor obtained the B -ultrasound results to conclude that Xiao Qian has obvious aura abortions.Re -examination.When Xiao Qian heard the four words of threatened abortion, the brain was completely blank. She couldn’t hear the other words that the doctor said. How could it be like this?Turning around the eyes.The doctor told Xiao Qian that after the retracement, let’s talk about rest after returning home. Don’t work hard.

Xiao Qian returned home. During the week of waiting to be retracted, Xiao Qian couldn’t even go down, and he was lying on the bed.A week later, I went to the hospital to follow up. The B -ultrasound results showed that not only did not recover, the cervical value was smaller, and the baby’s uterine mouth was getting closer and closer.Xiao Qian couldn’t control it at all. Before he walked to the office of the doctor, he had burst into tears.

The attending doctor looked at the value of the B -ultrasound and said helplessly that you have not been particularly tired recently?

Xiao Qian thought about it, maybe there may be, one month ago, the new house was moved, and she was particularly excited to work all day. When I lay on the bed at night, I felt a little falling.Go to work normally again.

When the doctor heard it, he was particularly angry that you were going to the third trimester of pregnancy. You ca n’t be so tired. Staying up late and high -intensity labor may lead to a threatened abortion. The strong stimulation of the outside world is particularly bad for the fetus.You are excited, but why don’t you think that there is a child in your stomach!

Xiao Qian couldn’t help crying and asked, the doctor, what should I do?Can’t my child be guaranteed?

Indications doctors continue to say slowly that abortion is generally divided into natural abortion and non -natural abortion. Natural abortion is mostly caused by abnormalities in the congenital chromosomes of the embryo.External force damage, as well as abortion caused by severe environmental changes.In this case, it is easy to cause miscarriage in natural cervix. In addition, if you work intensively, you can’t say that you can’t keep it, but you must keep your fetus.

Xiao Qian hurriedly said, as long as it can be kept, everything can be.

The doctor said, then you go home and raise it. Except for going to the toilet, you ca n’t get out of bed. Lie flat your calves too high. Do n’t be too cold. Do n’t be too hot. After ten days, review.

Xiao Qian went home again. The hot July was lying on the bed, and she never left the bed except to the toilet.Finally re -review again, this time the result is not bad. Like the previous value, the baby finally stabilized.

Xiao Qian asked the doctor if this was okay. The doctor said, go back and lie down, until 37 weeks can exercise appropriately.

In this way, Xiao Qian lay on the bed for three months. The lonely 95 days had been in the hot summer, and when the dry autumn, she finally ushered in the birth of the baby in the end of the autumn.

The moment I saw the baby, Xiao Qian cried excitedly …

….. ….. … …

The short cervix is congenital and increases the chance of abortion, but it is not absolute.The main reason for miscarriage is due to abnormal embryo chromosomes.Try to avoid high -intensity labor during pregnancy, which is one of the important reasons for abortion or fetal instability.

It is not easy during pregnancy, I hope that every pregnant mother is safe and smooth.If you also have small events or experiences during pregnancy, please leave a message.

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