The airport encountered Xiangzuo’s family. Guo Biting’s belly raised his suspicion for three babies, and his son was exposed to his eyes.

In the early morning of May 26, some netizens showed a photo of Xiang Zuo and Guo Biting at the Xiaoshan Airport in Hangzhou. From the photos they showed, the couple took two children, hugging their daughter’s little milk emperor, and the son wasFrom the accompanying nanny to take care of it in person, we can see that the travel family is more "promoted to the masses". There are three nanny and one assistant to follow the service together.

From the lens, Xiang Zuo and Guo Biting are dressed in daily clothes, wearing a long jacket outside wearing a casual shirt, wearing conventional jeans on the lower body, and a fisherman’s hat on his head to improve a little fashion.

In contrast, Guo Biting’s dress is more casual. In Quan Su’s face, she wore a loose black T and black and white packet wide -leg pants. Because of the soft texture of the clothes, the version was not good.Mirror, I feel that Guo Biting has changed a lot after being a mother. There is no so -called girl feelings, and it looks very embarrassed.

In addition, when I looked sideways, Guo Biting’s figure was a lot of plump, her belly was raised, her neck was thicker, and some netizens suspected that Guo Biting was quietly pregnant with three babies. After all, Guo Biting said many times before.After that, I hope there are three children, can’t she show up for so long, do she want to continue to chase?

On the way to leave the airport, Guo Biting did not forget to take care of his children. He looked kind and gentle, and his motherly love was full. Compared with the former husband and wife, when Guo Biting hugged the baby, now Xiang Zuo finally learned how to sympathize with his wife., Holding her daughter to reduce Guo Biting’s burden, the relationship between the two looks pretty good.

It is worth mentioning that in the exposed video, the face of the two sons was also exposed.A side face is enough to turn over everyone. It can be seen that the little prince is more inherited to the beautiful gene of his mother Guo Biting. When he grows up, he is bound to be a handsome and beautiful man.

The daughter "Little Milk Emperor" has been caught in her arms carefully. In the process, Xiang Zuo did not forget to touch the back of the daughter’s back.In the calf, it can be seen that the little girl’s calf is suspected to have a red birthmark, and the area looks not small.

As early as a few days ago, Xiang Zo had been highly discussed by public opinion because of his appeared at the nightclub. On the same day, he appeared in a low -key nightclub with a low profile to Sagai. Before that, Xiang Zuo was frequently exposed to the scandal., I have been photographed at the late night secret woman, and the two are quite intimate. The first time they came forward to the Taotong rumor to the son, claiming that the woman was just a big sister who was to Zuo, and the two met because of discussing the work.

This time the same lace news came again. I did not wait for my mother to go out again, and responded quickly to Zuo Zuo.You are promoted with your own live broadcast.

In the eyes of most netizens, every time such a storm appears, everyone has a little more distressed to Guo Biting, and every time Guo Biting keeps silent, he does not respond.Continue to believe Xiangzuo.

After getting married and giving birth to a baby, Guo Biting’s face value fell significantly, and fatigue and burnout were on his face. In order to take care of the child to take care of the family, she chose to give up her self -image management. Fortunately, the couple had always praised Guo Biting.Always maintain her.

Now Guo Biting travels to Zuo again. It can be seen that the two have not rumored a few days ago. The family of four intimately packed in the same frame is so warm.How to learn how to calm down.

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